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Address: Josca’s House, Kingston Road, Frilford OX13 5NX

County: Oxfordshire

Admissions Office: [email protected] or +44 (0)1865 392303


Abingdon Prep’s Whole School Open Morning takes place in May and October. The event provides prospective families with the opportunity to hear from the Head and a senior student, tour the school and have questions of interest answered by teaching and admissions staff members. Head on to the school’s website to pre-register!

Abingdon Preparatory School | The Assessment: Online Reasoning Test


As part of the assessment process to join in Year 7, your child will be asked to complete an online assessment similar to CEM Select, which measures your child’s Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical Reasoning abilities. CEM Select is created by the Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), which is a part of Cambridge Assessment.


Here are some key facts about the CEM Select assessment:


– It contains a number of unusual question formats that your child is unlikely to have encountered before. These include drag and drop digits and auto-completes.

– It is divided into a series of highly time-pressured sections. Your child doesn’t necessarily need to complete all the questions to do well.

– The Verbal Reasoning section of the test assesses your child’s ability to solve problems using words, with a special focus on depth and breadth of vocabulary.

– The Non-Verbal Reasoning section requires your child to solve problems using shapes and patterns with a main focus on one specific question type.

– The Numerical Reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to solve problems using numbers and arithmetic.


Click here to view a list of schools that use the CEM Select test as part of their admissions process.

Abingdon Preparatory School Online Reasoning Test | Practice Tests


At Pretest Plus, we believe that a little preparation can go a long way to improving a student’s confidence and performance in entrance examinations.


We provide online practice tests which focus on helping students familiarise themselves with the exact types of questions that they will be asked in their assessment.


There’s no doubt that familiarisation with the online test format, question types and timings will increase your child’s confidence ahead of their actual assessment.


Our online practice tests are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. 


Each timed module is marked automatically. Your child will then be able to review every question in detail with clear step-by-step explanations.


Statistical averages, based on the scores of other students who have taken the same practice test, are provided so you can get an idea of your child’s relative performance against their peer group.


We also provide the option to take our online practice tests with 25% extra time. However, we only recommend choosing this option if you are sure your child will qualify for this extra time in the actual test.


We have five full-length online practice tests available. Each of them is pitched at the same difficulty level so you can use them to benchmark your child’s progress over time.


They are available to use online immediately after purchase.


👇 Click on the links below to learn more! 

Online Practice Tests


📈CEM Select Practice Test 1

📈CEM Select Practice Test 2

📈CEM Select Practice Test 3

📈CEM Select Practice Test 4

📈CEM Select Practice Test 5



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