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Christ’s Hospital School Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) | Year 7 & Year 9 Entry


Founded in 1552, Christ’s Hospital, also known as the Bluecoat School, is a co-educational day and boarding school in Horsham, West Sussex. It is a charity school that operates a means-tested fee structure. Students who accept places at the school are assessed according to need. Admission to the school is through a competitive examination, or a ‘show of skills’, in addition to an assessment of need and parental income.


The school has a Tudor-style uniform, which is largely favoured by its pupils. Christ’s Hospital operates a house system, with each house named after alumni, principally writers.

Christ’s Hospital Admissions Criteria

Admission to Christ’s Hospital is a two-part process. Firstly, students are required to take a computerised Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT). Students that pass are then required to take a residential assessment to assess their suitability for boarding.


The school’s admissions pages state that students who join in Year 7 are normally working towards a high-ability range in the Maths and English National Curriculum syllabi. Students joining in Year 9 should be predicted to achieve an average of 60% in the Common Entrance Exam.


The school also considers reports from students’ current schools; however, placement decisions are principally based on the school’s two-part selection process.

For more information on the Year 7 and Year 9 admissions process, please contact the school on 01403 246555.

How to Apply for 11+ & 13+ Entry to Christ’s Hospital

Christ’s Hospital advises parents to start the admissions process as early as possible, ideally 18 months prior to entry. Before making an application, parents and prospective students are encouraged to attend one of the school’s Open Mornings, which take place every term.


Applications are made online here and there is a £65 registration fee. The fee can be waived in cases where households receive full housing benefit. Once registered, the school will keep parents informed of all the steps involved in the admission process.

The Christ’s Hospital Year 7 & Year 9 CAT4 Test

For both Year 7 and Year 9 entry, students are required to take a one-hour-long computer-based Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). The test focuses on verbal, quantitative, non-verbal and spatial reasoning. Additionally, students are required to take a short multiple-choice test in maths and English.


Assessments typically take place around mid-October before the term starts in January.


In addition to the CAT results, entry to the school is determined by a parent and student interview with the Headmaster, and references from the student’s previous school.


For more information on the Cognitive Abilities Test at Christ’s Hospital, please contact the school on 01403 246555.

How to Prepare for the Christ’s Hospital CAT4 Assessment

Understandably, students who have never taken a CAT before may feel anxious in the lead up to the assessment. However, at Pretest Plus, we believe a little preparation can go a long way to improving a student’s confidence.


As a way of an introduction to preparing for the Christ’s Hospital entry test, we’d recommend reading the following resources:


Year 7 CATs: Everything Parents Need to Know

Study Skills for the Cognitive Abilities Test in Primary School

How to Improve CAT Scores


In addition to working from a planned study schedule, we recommend that students also integrate CAT4 practice tests and courses into their routine. Not only do practice tests help familiarise students with the layout of the test, but they allow students to answer practice questions that may be similar to those asked on test day.


We specialise in publishing CAT4 practice tests and courses to help students improve their confidence. We have four 90-minute practice tests available, each consisting of 8 modules that cover Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative and Spatial Reasoning questions.


Each of our practice tests is pitched at the same difficulty level and contains a different set of questions. Our first practice test provides parents with an indication of their child’s current cognitive abilities, whilst the rest can be a great way to benchmark and monitor progress and improvement.

Christ’s Hospital CAT4 Practice Tests and Courses


Practice Tests

You can learn more about our highly accurate online CAT4 practice tests by clicking on the links below. These CAT Practice Tests are available to take online immediately after purchase. Each module is marked automatically and is then available for review with answers and explanations provided for every question. We also provide comparative ranking statistics on a per module basis so you can quickly identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


CAT4 Practice Test 1

CAT4 Practice Test 2

CAT4 Practice Test 3

CAT4 Practice Test 4


Video Courses

The following online video courses cover everything your child needs to know for each section of the CAT4 assessment. Each course consists of a series of lessons that go through each question type in great detail, providing step-by-step explanations and techniques to help your child recognise the underlying patterns to look out for. They cover every possible question type that could come up in the CAT4 test.


CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Video Course



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