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Located in the picturesque area of Dulwich in London, Dulwich College is a distinguished and renowned independent day and boarding school for boys. With an esteemed history dating back to 1619, it has earned a reputation for its exceptional academic standards and competitive admissions process. The school currently educates over 1800 pupils, providing them with a nurturing and enriching learning environment. [1]


Dulwich College is a member of the prestigious Eton Group and is characterised by rigorous academic provision. By fostering innate abilities in conjunction with dedicated effort, the education on offer at Dulwich College is tailored to cater to the diverse needs of its students, encompassing both academic and non-academic aspects of their development. 


The comprehensive curriculum spans a wide range of disciplines, including sciences, languages, humanities, social sciences and technology, inspiring boys to embrace their inquisitiveness and intellectual versatility through active participation in their learning journey.


While classroom-based education forms the foundation of the school’s philosophy, Dulwich College places significant importance on enrichment activities. Adhering to the school’s culture of enthusiasm and innovation, boys are encouraged to participate in a wide array of over 50 clubs and societies, including Climate Change Society, chess, Race Activism and debating. [2]


The Dulwich ethos is rooted in the principles of equality and its values are built upon respect, fostering an environment where pupils are encouraged to make ethical decisions and demonstrate integrity. In line with this, the college empowers boys to navigate challenges with confidence and overcome obstacles with grit, enabling them to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.


Dulwich College 11 Plus (11+) Admissions Process


Open Mornings form an important part of the admissions process. Typically held in the Autumn Term (September and October), these events will help you and your child become familiar with the extensive facilities on offer, as well as the school’s rich history and welcoming staff. Booking is made through this page.


In the later stages of this process, your child will be formally assessed using a bespoke online test and a paper-based exam. Please note that in order for your child to be considered for the exams, he will have to be registered with the school first. The registration fee of £160 is non-refundable and the deadline for applications is in late October of the year preceding entry.


The examinations are held in December. Selected candidates for 11+ entry will be invited to the school to be interviewed by a senior member of staff  the following month. Please note that the quality of the reports from your child’s previous school will also be taken into consideration. Successful candidates will be offered a place in February.


If your child performs at a very high standard in the 11+ exam, he will be automatically entered for an Academic Scholarship. This award ranges in value from 10% to one third of tuition fees. Music, Art and Sports Scholarships are also available.


To families who struggle with paying fees, Dulwich College offers means-tested bursaries. More details about these awards, including the relevant criteria, are available on this page


Dulwich College 11 Plus (11+) Online Test Information


Address: Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD

County: Greater London

Admissions info: [email protected] or 020 8299 9263

School type: Independent day and boarding school for boys

Open days: September and October

Exam type / Board: Bespoke online test (and essay)


As part of the 11+ admissions process for entry to Dulwich College, your child will undergo a bespoke online assessment, divided into two parts:


a) Adaptive Part: This section lasts for one hour and features questions that adjust in difficulty based on the student’s responses.

b) Non-Adaptive Part: Lasting for 40 minutes, this section consists of questions with a fixed difficulty level.


Read on to learn more about the topics assessed in the Dulwich College 11+ online test.


Dulwich College 11+ Online Test Format


Part 1: Maths, English & Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning


– Mathematics (20 minutes): This section assesses skills in topics like arithmetic and problem-solving. It includes questions with diagrams/charts.

– English & Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes): The English section consists of multiple-choice questions that assess Reading Comprehension, grammar and punctuation skills. This is followed by a Verbal Reasoning section that evaluates vocabulary and understanding of meaning in context.

– Non-Verbal Reasoning (10 minutes): This section evaluates the ability to reason using shapes, space, diagrams and images. It includes multiple-choice questions on 2D Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning.


Part 2: Puzzles & Problem Solving, Creative Comprehension


– Puzzles & Problem Solving (15 minutes): This module includes interactive puzzles and diagrams. Each puzzle is accompanied by a question that the student must answer by typing in a box.

– Creative Comprehension (25 minutes): In this section, students will answer multiple-choice questions based on various sources such as text, maps, diagrams, timetables and charts.


Dulwich College 11 Plus (11+) Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our Dulwich online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. Read on to learn more!


Dulwich College Pre-11+ Practice Tests

If you want your child to be familiar with the format and style of the exam ahead of time, our Pre-11+ Practice Tests are the ideal starting point. Tailored for students in Years 4 and  5, these tests are specifically designed to familiarise your child with the types of questions they will encounter in the actual exam. These practice tests offers a gentle yet comprehensive introduction to the exam format, boosting your child’s skills and confidence through accurate and effective practice.


Pre-11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 1

Pre-11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 2

Pre-11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 3

Pre-11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 4

Pre-11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 5


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Dulwich College 11+ Online Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of the bespoke online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your son’s progress as he works through the practice tests.


Click the links below to learn more:


11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 1

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 2

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 3

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 4

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 5

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 6

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 7

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 8

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 9

11+ Dulwich College Practice Test 10


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Dulwich College 11+ Skill Practice Tests

Our Skill Practice exercises are designed to focus on one specific question type that will come up in the Dulwich College 11+ exam. They are ideal for targeted practice and an efficient way to quickly improve your child’s scores in the relevant topic.


11+ Dulwich College Mathematics

11+ Dulwich College Creative Comprehension Pack 1

11+ Dulwich College Creative Comprehension Pack 2

11+ Dulwich College Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 1

11+ Dulwich College Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 2



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Dulwich College 11+ English Practice

To help your child prepare for the Dulwich creative writing paper, we would highly recommend the following 11+ resources, provided by our sister company, Exam Papers Plus:


11+ Complete Writing Guide

11+ Writing Prompts

11+ Rewrite & Improve

11+ Spelling Pack 1

11+ Spelling Pack 2


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Dulwich College 11+ Pass Mark

Students who consistently achieve a score of 80%+ in our online practice tests are highly likely to pass the Dulwich College 11+ online bespoke test.


Dulwich College 11+ Interview Advice

This comprehensive guide encompasses all the essential concepts that your child should be familiar with for the highly selective Dulwich 11+ Interview:


11+ Interviews – The Complete Guide


Dulwich College 11+ Preparation Tips

By combining his revision with our practice tests, your son can enhance his preparedness for exams and build confidence ahead of his assessment. Here are our Top 3 Tips on how to effectively utilise our resources:


1. Make the most out of the accuracy of our practice tests: Our resources are meticulously designed to mirror the actual exam, ensuring that your son’s preparation is focused and aligned with the test format.

2. Learn from comprehensive explanations: Our practice tests offer detailed explanations for every question, enabling your son to grasp the reasoning behind the correct answers and gain an improved understanding of the material.

3. Identify strengths and weaknesses: Through feedback and results from each module, your son can identify his strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge empowers him to prioritise areas that require improvement and allocate study time accordingly.


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