Forest School: 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4 Entry

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Forest School is an independent day school that caters for boys and girls aged 4-18. Located on the outskirts of London, it is a city school that benefits from having a 50-acre site and being surrounded by Epping Forest. 


In the Preparatory School, pupils are taught by their form teacher for some subjects but also have specialist teachers for a number of subjects, such as Mandarin, PE, drama and ICT. Pupils are taught to be active learners, who do not passively absorb information but are inquisitive and reflective. This enables them to fully engage with their educational journeys.


Outside of the classroom, pupils have a wide array of clubs and activities to choose from. Participation builds confidence, forges new friendships and helps pupils become accomplished, well-rounded young adults. Whatever your child is interested in or wherever their talents lie, there will be something in the co-curricular programme that excites them.


All staff work hard to ensure that pastoral care at Forest School is exemplary. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of kindness, which results in a happy environment in which pupils flourish. Additionally, Forest School builds strong relationships with parents, recognising that this partnership creates the best outcomes for their students.


Forest School: Contact Details and Admissions Process for 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4 Entry


Address: Snaresbrook, E17 3PY

County: Greater London

Admissions: [email protected] or 020 8520 1744, option 4

School type: Independent day school for boys and girls

Entrance exam: Online InCAS test and English written paper


Choosing the right school for your child is important. Visiting Forest School will allow you to learn more about it and get a feel for whether it is the right place for your child. You can attend an Open Morning in September and/or go on a group tour there in the Michaelmas (Autumn) term. 


8+ is not a standard entry point, but you can register your interest, and, if a place does become available, your child will be invited to the school to sit an entrance assessment. This assessment will consist of an online test (InCAS) and a standard English written paper. 


If your child gets offered a place, you will need to pay a £1,250 acceptance fee.


Forest School: Scholarships and Bursaries for 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4 Entry


For 8+ entry, no scholarships or bursaries are available.


Forest School: Online InCAS Test for 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4 Entry


The InCAS assessment covers the following areas:


 Mathematics (20-25 minutes)


  1. a) The first section, called Number 1, includes counting, fractions and decimals. 
  2. b) The second section, called Number 2, includes patterns, problem solving and algebra. 
  3. c) The third section covers measurement, shapes and space. 
  4. d) The fourth section covers data handling.


Mental Arithmetic (15-20 minutes)


The Mental Arithmetic section assesses your child’s ability to perform arithmetic calculations without the use of paper, a pencil, a calculator or other aids.


Reading (20-25 minutes)


  1. a) In the Word Recognition section, your child will hear a word and a sentence that puts that word into context. They must then select this word from a choice of five words. 
  2. b) In Word Decoding, they will hear a made-up or unfamiliar word. They must then select this word from a choice of five words. 
  3. c) In the Comprehension section, there is a passage to be read and, when given a choice of three words, your child must select the word that fits into the sentence most appropriately.


Spelling (15-20 minutes)


Audio will play, giving a word followed by a sentence with that word in it, and your child will then need to correctly spell out the word that was used in the audio.


Developed Ability (20-25 minutes)


  1. a) In the Picture Vocabulary section, your child will be asked to select the picture that best represents the word that they hear in an audio recording. 
  2. b) In the Non-Verbal Ability section, a pattern appears on one side of the screen, and your child will be asked to find the same pattern within a larger pattern on the other side of the screen. 



Forest School: 8 Plus (8+)/Year 4 Entry InCAS Preparation


Our InCAS practice tests are highly accurate, making your child’s preparation both focused and effective.


Each module is timed, meaning that your child will become familiar with the time constraints of the InCAS test and get better at working quickly and accurately when under time pressure. 


The tests include answers and explanations, meaning your child can learn from any mistakes they make.


We provide statistical averages drawn from the performance of other students who have taken the same practice test. This gives you an insight into how your child’s performance compares to that of their peers.


Forest School: InCAS Online Practice Tests


These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice. Each practice test covers Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling and Developed Ability, replicating the modules, timings and question types used in the InCAS exam.


Each test contains unique content, but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual InCAS assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests, quickly identifying their strengths and weaknesses.


INCAS – Year 3 – Practice Test 1

INCAS – Year 3 – Practice Test 2

INCAS – Year 3 – Practice Test 3

INCAS – Year 3 – Practice Test 4

INCAS – Year 3 – Practice Test 5


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