Lord Wandsworth College – 11+, Year 7 Entry – Online Pre-Test

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Lord Wandsworth College (LWC) is a co-educational independent school for day and boarding pupils. Occupying a magnificent 1,200-acre campus in Long Sutton, Hampshire, it has recently been voted Independent School of the Year for Student Wellbeing. [1]


The academic provision at LWC is supported by an engaging curriculum, aimed at maximising the cohort’s competencies in areas such as languages, sciences, mathematics and technology. The average class size is 18 pupils, ensuring an individualised approach to educating that helps mould students into both critical and resourceful thinkers. 


Performing arts are at the heart of the College’s co-curricular provision. Pupils get to express their ideas through drama, dance and many other artistic opportunities, gaining a deep understanding of their creative potential while having lots of fun in the process. [2]


Good health and balanced nutrition are actively promoted within LWC’s tight-knit community. All the food served in the spacious dining hall, Julyans, is produced by a professional team of chefs. 90% of the dishes are made from fresh ingredients, and the menu also features gluten-free and Halal meals.


The College’s philosophy is rooted in the understanding that academic success is not the sole determinant of a child’s future prospects. While it plays a significant role, and can evolve substantially over an individual’s life when nurtured correctly, it’s truly their character and dedication to continuous personal growth that can profoundly influence their destiny.


Lord Wandsworth College 11 Plus (11+) Admissions Process

Lord Wandsworth College holds Open Events throughout the year. They offer prospective families an opportunity to experience the school on a working day, meet members of staff and tour the extensive facilities. There will also be a Q & A session with a panel of students, allowing you and your child to learn first-hand about the school’s provision. Bookings can be made through this page


Ideally, your child should be registered with the school two years prior to entry. All registered pupils will be invited to the school in the Autumn term of Year 6 to sit a pre-test, which consists of a computer-based exam.


They will also be asked to attend an assessment morning, during which their social and academic skills will be evaluated. As part of this session, your child will attend an individual and group interview. 


The strongest candidates in the entrance examinations will be invited to sit Academic Scholarship papers. As part of the evaluation procedure, students will also attend an interview.


All-Rounder Scholarships are awarded to academically strong candidates who also demonstrate an aptitude in music, sport, drama or art. DT, Art, Music, Drama and Dance Scholarships are available, too. Please click here to learn more. 


The College offers bursarial support to pupils from low-income families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend LWC. These awards are fully means tested and reviewed annually, meaningthey may increase/decrease in value, subject to any significant changes in your financial circumstances. 


Foundation places, offered to pupils who have lost one or both parents, or whose parental support has been disrupted due to other circumstances, can cover up to 110% of fees, including costs for some extras. More details are available on this page


Lord Wandsworth College 11 Plus (11+) Online Pre-Test Information


Address: Long Sutton, Hook, RG29 1TA

County: Hampshire

Admissions info: [email protected] or 01256 862201

School type: Independent day and boarding co-ed school

Open days: Throughout the year

Exam type / Board: Bespoke online test


As part of the admissions process at Lord Wandsworth College for 11+ entry, your child will take an online pre-test that has two distinct parts: adaptive and non-adaptive.


The first part changes its level of difficulty based on your child’s answers. The second part has questions that remain at the same difficulty.


Read on to learn more about the format and layout of the Lord Wandsworth College 11+ pre-assessment.


Lord Wandsworth College 11+ Online Pre-Test Exam Format 

The Lord Wandsworth College 11+ online pre-test lasts an hour and consists of the following sections: 


➢ Mathematics: This section gauges students’ proficiency in different mathematical areas, such as arithmetic and problem-solving. The questions will feature diagrams or charts.


➢ Non-Verbal Reasoning: This section evaluates a student’s spatial and visual reasoning. It consists of multiple-choice questions.


➢ English: This section contains multiple-choice questions designed to evaluate students’ reading comprehension, as well as grammar and punctuation abilities. 


➢ Verbal Reasoning: This section evaluates students’ vocabulary and their capacity to interpret context-based meanings.


The Puzzles & Problem Solving test is taken during the assessment morning. A 15-minute module, it features interactive puzzles and diagrams. Each item is accompanied by a question that students must answer by typing in a given text box or selecting from multiple-choice options. The Creative Comprehension module is also taken during the assessment morning. It includes responding to multiple-choice questions derived from a variety of sources, which can include text, maps, diagrams, timetables and charts.

Lord Wandsworth College 11 Plus (11+) Pre-Test Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our Lord Wandsworth College 11+ online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. After completion, each module is marked automatically, providing your child with feedback and explanations for every question. This allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and further improve their understanding of the material. Furthermore, each module can be completed independently, providing flexibility in the learning process.


Lord Wandsworth College 11+ Pre-Test Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of their online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests, quickly identifying their strengths and weaknesses.


11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 1

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 2

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 3

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 4

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 5

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 6

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 7

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 8

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 9

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Practice Test 10


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Lord Wandsworth College 11+ Skill Practice

Our Skill Practice exercises are designed to focus on one specific question type that will come up in the Lord Wandsworth College 11+ exam. They are ideal for targeted practice and an efficient way to quickly improve your child’s scores in the relevant topic.


11+ Lord Wandsworth College Mathematics

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Creative Comprehension Pack 1

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Creative Comprehension Pack 2

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 1

11+ Lord Wandsworth College Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 2


Lord Wandsworth College 11+ Pre-Test Preparation Tips

Incorporating our practice tests into your child’s study routine can significantly boost their confidence for the upcoming assessment. Here are our Top Three Tips for getting the most out of our resources:

1. Harness the precision of our practice tests: Our resources are designed to mirror the actual exam, enabling your child’s study efforts to align seamlessly with the exam structure and concentrate on the most critical areas.

2. Deepen understanding with detailed explanations: Each question in our practice tests is accompanied by a thorough explanation. This feature allows your child to grasp the reasoning behind each correct response, leading to a deeper understanding of the relevant subject.

3. Identify strengths and areas requiring improvement: By analysing the feedback and scores from each practice module, you can pinpoint your child’s strengths and areas needing improvement. With this insight, you can adapt their study plan to address these areas effectively.

By implementing these strategies, your child will be well-equipped to achieve their full potential.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or if you need any further assistance with your purchase.


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