UKiset: A brief introduction

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UKiset is an online assessment that forms part of the selection process for international students who wish to gain entry to leading UK independent schools.


It is used by over 180 British schools and tests a student’s ability to understand the British curriculum as well as measuring a student’s skill in terms of language, maths and problem solving. It also measures potential and their aptitude for learning.


The test is made up of three components:


Section One: Reasoning


This part looks at a candidate’s learning potential in quantitative, non-verbal and verbal reasoning. ­A student’s score is standardised for their age and compared to British students in the same year group. For students with English as their second language, the verbal reasoning section will be more difficult than for a British student.


Therefore UKiset provides two averages: one overall average and one excluding the verbal score, so schools can see a candidate’s potential when language is not a factor. This part of the ­assessment also provides predictive analysis on what the candidate might go on to achieve at GCSE and beyond.


Section Two: The Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT)


This is a multiple-choice test that measures a candidate’s English level in reading and listening. It helps schools to assess how easily the candidate will be able to access the UK curriculum.


Section Three: English Essay


This is a piece of expressive writing on a topic given to the candidate on the day of the test. ­The topic will be age appropriate. It is a handwritten essay and will be sent to the school to be marked by them. It will demonstrate the candidate’s ability to express their opinion and communicate in written English.


How Can Pretest Plus Help?


Pretest Plus specifically helps with section one, the computerised reasoning component of UKiset.


Our practice test is designed to familiarise candidates with the online format, style and content of this multiple-choice test so that they feel confident and prepared for the actual assessment. It will help students prepare for verbal, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning questions. We provide solutions to each question, which will help your child to learn and advance. Performance statistics are also provided so you can monitor improvement and see where your child sits in relation to others taking the practice tests.


There is no doubt that getting familiar with online testing will help your child to perform to their maximum ability.


Our test contains 8 sections that address the various reasoning question types, building stamina and providing lots of valuable practice.


Schools will use UKiset to compare a child directly against their British peers. Each school will decide on the level of UKiset score it will accept. It is possible for candidates to re-sit the UKiset test, but only after 6 months have elapsed. So if your child first took it on the 1st February, they could not take it again until the 1st July. As such, it’s vital that the actual exam does not represent a child’s first exposure to this form of online assessment.


Our test will help children get to grips with the tricky reasoning questions, learning from the detailed feedback that we provide so they can perform to the best of their ability.


Students of all ages may find our practice test useful, though it is specifically designed and formulated for those aged between nine and fourteen.


Click here to find out more and purchase our UKiset practice tests.


Please get in touch if you have any further questions; we are always happy to help and advise!


You can visit the official UKiset website here.


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