A Guide To Understanding CAT4 Verbal Reasoning

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The CAT4 assessment covers four types of Reasoning:


  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning


For each of these, we’ve created a detailed breakdown of the various types of questions that can appear in your child’s exam. This means you can take a systematic approach to exam preparation, ensuring every possibility is covered.


Read on to learn more about the possible sub-topics for CAT4 Verbal Reasoning.


Verbal Reasoning in the CAT4 Test is covered in the following modules:


a) Verbal Classification

b) Verbal Analogies


For each of these, we’ve further categorised every possible question based on the specific skill being assessed. We’ve listed these breakdowns below:


Verbal Classification


Question Type A: Connected Nouns

Question Type B: Connected Verbs

Question Type C: Synonyms (Nouns)

Question Type D: Synonyms (Verbs)

Question Type E: Synonyms (Adjectives)

Question Type F: Nature

Question Type G: Food and Drink

Question Type H: Family

Question Type I: Weather and Climate

Question Type J: Body Parts

Question Type K: Rooms

Question Type L: Emotions

Question Type M: Vehicles

Question Type N: Jobs

Question Type O: Subjects

Question Type P: Connectives


Verbal Analogies


Question Type A: Opposites

Question Type B: Synonyms

Question Type C: Adjective-Verb Connections

Question Type D: Adjective-Noun Connections

Question Type E: Noun-Verb Connections

Question Type F: Pronouns

Question Type G: Animals

Question Type H: Relations

Question Type I: Food and Drink

Question Type J: Professions

Question Type K: The Body

Question Type L: Time and Measurements

Question Type M: Parts of a Whole

Question Type N: Comparisons

Question Type O: Group Sets

Question Type P: Pairings


If you’ve worked through any of our CAT4 Practice Tests, you will have noticed that each Verbal Reasoning question includes one of these sub-question tags in the explanation. This allows you to identify the types of questions your child finds most challenging as you work through the practice tests.


Our CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Course then offers bitesized video tutorials explaining how to tackle each of these sub-questions, allowing your child to address any specific weaknesses.


We hope you find this information beneficial. As you can see, we ensure our resources are designed to make sure your child is fully prepared, so there are no surprises on exam day.


For a detailed breakdown of the other Reasoning sections in the CAT4 assessment, click the links below:


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If you have specific questions about the CAT4, or any other assessment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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