Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Year 9 (13+) Entry Exam Information

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Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is an award-winning British international school for children aged 3-18 and is located on Saadiyat Island. Established in 2014, it began its journey in 2011 when a group of Old Cranleighans decided they wanted to recreate the academic excellence of the esteemed Cranleigh School, based in the United Kingdom, in Abu Dhabi. 


The curriculum at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is broad and balanced, incorporating traditional subjects, such as English, maths and science, and non-traditional subjects, such as drama, computer science and business & economics. Focus is put on pupils developing problem-solving, leadership and cross-cultural teamwork skills, as well as on teaching pupils how to do well in exams. 


An extensive co-curricular programme enables pupils to receive a holistic education and become confident, well-rounded young people. The goal of the programme is for pupils to enhance their existing skills and discover new talents. Activities on offer include golf, ballet, photography, baking and Model UN. Furthermore, local and global excursions are arranged to increase students’ knowledge about certain subjects in a way that makes learning both practical and exciting. Over the last few years, pupils have been to places such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Bahrain. 


Pastoral care is taken very seriously at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, with the school believing that the wellbeing of its pupils is fundamental to them being able to flourish academically. As such, the school community is built on the values of The Cranleigh Code (a set of moral principles that govern behaviour at the school and include being nurturing, having empathy, being honest and thinking carefully before acting). In addition to this, there are plenty of staff members that pupils can turn to if they experience any difficulties or have any concerns. 


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Year 9 (13+) Admissions Process


Cranleigh warmly invites prospective families to have a personalised tour of their campus during a school day to see their impressive facilities and get a feel for life at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. For more information, please click here.

If you have a tour and decide the school is a good fit for your child, you should complete the online registration form. Supporting documents will be required at this stage, including your child’s most recent school report. Assessments for entry to Year 9 commence in January of the calendar year of entry. If your child is at a school outside of Abu Dhabi, the assessments will be overseen by their current school (Cranleigh Abu Dhabi will liaise with them). 


The assessments for Year 9 entry consist of the following:

  • an English creative writing task
  • an online Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
  • a short, informal interview


Your child’s school report and a confidential reference from their current school will be reviewed as part of the process.


Within 2-3 weeks of the assessments, you will know whether your child has received an offer of a place. The school will extend offers to those they believe will be able to fully access the curriculum and thrive at the school. Priority will be given to siblings of children already attending Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. 


If your child does receive an offer, you will need to accept it within a week of it being made. This will involve filling out an acceptance form and paying an acceptance fee (5% of the annual tuition fee, deductible from the tuition fees). 


Please note that if your child is transferring from a school outside of Abu Dhabi, a Transfer Certificate will be required from your child’s current school. Supporting documentation will also be required, some of which will have attestation requirements. Please see here for more details. You should reach out to the admissions team if you have any questions or need any help with any part of the admissions process. Contact details are provided further down.


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Year 9 (13+) Scholarships


The school offers scholarships and exhibition scholarships in the following areas:

  • Academic
  • STEM
  • Sport
  • Art
  • Performing Arts
  • Golf


Cranleigh scholars excel in their specialist area, demonstrating ability, enthusiasm and a willingness to push themselves. They are positive role models, always adhering to The Cranleigh Code and encouraging others to do so too.


For details about scholarships and how to apply, please click here.


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Year 9 (13+) School Details and CAT4 Information


Address: PO Box 51072, Abu Dhabi, 24.5321N, 54.4203 E

Admissions info: [email protected] or +971 (0)2 497 0000

School type: British co-educational international school

Tours: Weekly

Entrance exams: English creative writing paper, online CAT4 and interview


As part of the assessment process for Year 9 (13+) entry, your child will be asked to complete the CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) online. 


Based on their performance in this exam, the school can judge whether your child will be able to access the curriculum at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, and they will be able to track the progress of pupils who do join in Year 9 over the academic year.


This assessment is also an effective way for the school to understand pupils’ strengths and weaknesses so they can personalise learning and adapt teaching.


Given that your child will be in Year 8 when they sit the exam, they will take Level E of the CAT4.


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Year 9 (13+) CAT4 Format 


The CAT4 consists of multiple-choice questions that cover Verbal reasoning, Non-Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Spatial reasoning.


  • The Verbal reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to solve problems using words.
  • The Non-Verbal reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to solve problems by analysing visual information.
  • The Quantitative reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to solve problems using numbers.
  • The Spatial reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to understand how objects can move in a three-dimensional world. 


How to Prepare for the Cranleigh Abu Dhabi Year 9 (13+) CAT4 Level E 


At Pretest Plus, we believe that considered preparation will significantly boost a student’s confidence and enhance their performance in competitive entrance examinations.


Working their way through our CAT4 Level E practice tests will help your child be prepared for the CAT4E in the following ways:


  • They will become familiar with the format of the CAT4E, meaning there are no surprises on the day.
  • They will get better at answering questions quickly and accurately when under time pressure.
  • Looking at the answers and detailed explanations for each question, they will learn from any mistakes they make and avoid repeating them in the actual exam.
  • They will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, meaning they can then focus on any areas that require improvement.


Improving across all the areas that will be tested in the CAT4E will mean your child is well-equipped to excel in the actual assessment. Furthermore, the more advanced their reasoning abilities are, the more successful they will be in navigating the challenges of higher education and beyond.


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi: Year 9 (13+) CAT4 Level E Practice Materials


Our CAT4E practice tests and courses are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s exam preparation is targeted and efficient. The following packs are specifically designed for CAT4 Level E, taken from January onwards in the calendar year of entry to Year 9 of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi.


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 13+ CAT4 Level E Full Mock Tests


These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with extremely accurate practice ahead of their CAT4 Level E. Each practice test covers Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative and Spatial reasoning, replicating the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Our highly rated CAT4E practice tests are available to take online immediately after purchase. Each CAT4E practice test is marked automatically and can then be reviewed. Answers and explanations are provided for every question, as well as comparative ranking statistics on a per-module basis. 


CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 1

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 2

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 3

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 4

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 5


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CAT4 Level E Practice Tests Bundle


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 13+ CAT4 Level E Skill Practice Tests


Our CAT4 Level E Skill Practice Tests each focus on one module that will come up in the CAT4E. Therefore, if your child finds particular modules challenging, you can target them specifically, making a big improvement in a short amount of time. 


Verbal Reasoning

CAT4 Level E – Figure Matrices

CAT4 Level E – Figure Classification


Non-Verbal Reasoning

CAT4 Level E – Verbal Classification

CAT4 Level E – Verbal Analogies


Quantitative reasoning

CAT4 Level E – Number Analogies

CAT4 Level E – Number Series


Spatial reasoning

CAT4 Level E – Figure Analysis

CAT4 Level E – Figure Recognition


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Cranleigh Abu Dhabi 13+ CAT4 Level E Video Courses 


Our CAT4 Online Video Courses cover each section of the CAT4E. Each course consists of a series of lessons and step-by-step explanations.


CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Video Course


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The information in this post was believed to be correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of possible future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


Please note that Pretest Plus is an independent publisher of practice tests and not affiliated with or endorsed by the publishers of the CAT4 or any other test publisher.

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