The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) is used by schools to assess pupils’ developed abilities and likely academic potential. Performance in the CAT is also used to judge progress over the academic year and make decisions regarding setting children according to ability.

Our practice test is designed to familiarise students with the online format, style and content of this multiple-choice test so they feel confident and prepared for the actual assessment. Solutions and age-specific result statistics are provided.

Whilst students of all ages will find this test useful, it will be especially helpful for those aged 9 to 13 who plan to take Cognitive Abilities Tests such as the GL Assessment CAT4 or the CogAT Form 7.

Pretest Plus is an independent publisher of practice tests and not affiliated with or endorsed by the publishers of the CAT4 or the CogAT.



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All out CAT practice tests are pitched at the same difficulty level but each contains unique content.

Therefore, taking further practice tests provides an excellent opportunity for your child to implement the feedback they receive from the first test, as well as ensuring that they are exposed to as many different types of questions as possible.

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    • 8 Modules testing Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative and Spatial Reasoning
    • Replicates examination format, style and content
    • Solutions and ranking statistics provided on completion
    • Build confidence and improve performance
    • Available immediately after purchase
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Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning