What is ‘CAT4 Level C (Year 6) Verbal Analogies’?

It’s a set of 6 brand new practice tests with answers and explanations that will help your child prepare for the Verbal Analogies module in the CAT4 Level C test taken in Year 6 in the UK and Grade 5 in the US/internationally.


Who is it for?

These practice tests are specifically designed for students preparing to take the CAT4 Level C assessment.


How will these practice tests benefit my child?

2 out of the 8 modules in the CAT4 test cover Verbal Reasoning.

These modules are called Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies.

This product focuses on the Verbal Analogies module.

The Verbal Analogies module is responsible for 50% of your child’s official CAT4 Verbal Reasoning score.

By researching the Verbal Analogies module in detail, we’ve managed to identify every single possible version of the question type that could come up in your child’s test.

We’ve made sure to include all of these questions in this product so your child is 100% prepared for the CAT4 Verbal Analogies module.

Therefore, when they take the actual test, there will be no surprises and they will be familiar with everything they come across.



The 6 practice tests included in this product are designed so that your child:

– is familiar with every type of Verbal Analogies question style that could come up on exam day.

– can answer these questions accurately and efficiently.

– will face no surprises when taking the actual exam.

– can approach this module of the exam with confidence.



Detailed explanations are provided for every single question. This set of practice tests is the most accurate and efficient way to prepare for the CAT4 Level C Verbal Analogies module.


These practice tests will introduce your child to all of the possible question styles that could come up in the Verbal Analogies section of their exam. This means that their actual assessment will pose no surprises and that they will not only be familiar with the material but will also be equipped with the tools and techniques to deal with every question confidently, accurately and efficiently.


What’s included?

This product contains 6 practice tests. Each practice test has the exact timing and number of questions as the Verbal Analogies module in the actual CAT4 Level C test.


The tests can be taken in any order.


Each test is timed and designed to match the rules of the CAT4 Level C assessment.


Once each test is complete, it is marked automatically. Your child will then be able to review the test, seeing which questions they got correct and incorrect.


Detailed explanations are provided for every single question so your child can learn and improve.


Ranking statistics are also supplied per test so you can gauge your child’s performance compared to their peer group.


Once purchased, these tests can be used immediately in your online dashboard.


Why should I trust Pretest Plus?

We are examination experts and know exactly what is required to succeed in competitive entrance tests.


Our sole focus is the creation of effective resources that help students to maximise their potential and approach their exams in a state of preparation and confidence.


Our products are successfully used by tens of thousands of students every year, in over 60 countries.


Our customers and clients include governments, school districts, schools, tuition centres, educational consultants, publishers, teachers, tutors and, most importantly, parents!


If you have any questions or queries, or would like some advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help.


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Pretest Plus is an independent publisher of practice tests and courses and is not affiliated with or endorsed by GL Assessment, the publishers of CAT4.

Skills Covered

Verbal Reasoning

    • 6 Brand New Practice Tests with Answers and Explanations
    • Targeted Preparation for CAT4 Level C – Verbal Reasoning
    • Designed to improve Verbal Analogies Skills
    • All possible question types covered so your child is fully prepared
    • Exactly what your child needs to know to succeed in CAT4 Level C
    • Build confidence and improve performance
    • Developed by entrance test experts
    • Available online immediately after purchase
    • The most effective and efficient preparation for CAT4 Level C
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