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Sutton Valence School 13 Plus (13+) Pretest Practice Tests (and Courses)



Founded in 1576, Sutton Valence School is independent and co-educational. Surrounded by scenic Kent countryside, the school educates approximately 550 students from the age of 11 to 18. The school has close links to the Gurkha Regiment of the British Army which is based in nearby Maidstone.


For a bird’s eye view of the school campus, take a look at this drone footage:


How to Apply for 13 Plus Deferred Entry to Sutton Valence School


Before registering to apply for the senior school, parents and children are encouraged to attend one of the Open Mornings, which are held several times a year. Open Morning booking forms can be found on the school website, here.


After visiting the school, a Registration Form can be found in the back of the School Prospectus, or downloaded from the school website. This form needs to be completed and returned to the Admissions Office with a registration fee of £100.


Further information can be obtained from the Admissions Officer on tel. 01622 845206.

Sutton Valence School 13 Plus Pretest Assessment


Pupils in Year 6 applying for a place for Deferred Entry into Year 9 are required to sit the ISEB Common Pretest. These are age-standardised computer tests that measure a student’s overall academic ability. They can be taken once only. The tests cover Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English.


Pupils must first register with Sutton Valence School to indicate that they wish to sit the Common Pretest. The deadline for registration is in October and the tests are taken at the pupil’s current school in either November or December.


After completing the pretest, applicants who have not yet met the Headmaster are invited to visit the school. At the end of this process, successful candidates are selected and issued with Deferred Entry offers.


Deferred Entry places are confirmed upon receipt of a £1,500 non-refundable deposit for each child. The place is conditional on the child remaining at their current prep school throughout Years 6, 7, and 8.

Sutton Valence School Admissions Criteria


Pupils can also join the school in Year 9 via the standard entry route. Pupils from independent schools are expected to take the Common Entrance exam, which takes place in the Summer term before entry. Special arrangements are available for pupils who live outside the UK.

How to Prepare for the Sutton Valence Pretest


Sutton Valence School maintains high academic standards and competition for places is high. It is therefore beneficial for students to spend some time preparing for the pre-test. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use online pretest practice tests and courses.


Students who are preparing for the Sutton Valence ISEB Common Pretest will find that our Pretest resources are well suited to their requirements. The practice tests will introduce them to the types of questions that are likely to come up in the real exam, while familiarising them with the exam format and structure.


Because our online tests and courses are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance, they should help students target their study more effectively in the areas that need the most improvement. In this way, preparation leading up to the exam can be tailored to maximise results.


We also encourage students to undergo the pretest practice tests under exam conditions so that they can improve their time management skills and get used to answering questions online under time pressure.


The practice tests and courses cover all four subjects that appear in the actual assessment. These are Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. After completing a test, students are able to look back over their answers, and refer to detailed explanations for each question. The tests also provide statistical averages, which give an indication of your child’s relative performance.

Sutton Valence School Pretest Practice Tests and Courses



Practice Tests

You can learn more about our highly accurate online ISEB Pretest practice tests by clicking on the links below. These Practice Tests are available to take online immediately after purchase. Each module is marked automatically and is then available for review with answers and explanations provided for every question. We also provide comparative ranking statistics on a per module basis so you can quickly identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


ISEB Pretest Practice Test 1

ISEB Pretest Practice Test 2

ISEB Pretest Practice Test 3

ISEB Pretest Practice Test 4

ISEB Pretest Practice Test 5



Video Courses

We’ve also produced online video courses that cover everything your child needs to know for each section of the ISEB Pretest assessment. These video courses consist of a series of lessons that go through each question type in great detail, providing step-by-step explanations and techniques to help your child recognise the underlying patterns to look out for. They cover every possible question type that could come up in the ISEB Pretest.


ISEB Pretest Maths Video Course

ISEB Pretest English Video Course

ISEB Pretest Verbal Reasoning Video Course

ISEB Pretest Non-Verbal Reasoning Video Course


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