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Slough Grammar Schools | Late (In-Year 12+, 13+, 14+) Entry – Key Details

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There are four grammar schools in the Slough Consortium that admit students into Year 7 on the basis of performance in the 11 plus exam. Additionally, each of these schools offers places to candidates for late entry (12 Plus, 13 Plus and 14 Plus).


Langley Grammar School is a co-ed grammar with academy status in Langley, Berkshire. It caters for approximately 1,095 students using a forward looking approach to educating rooted in traditional values such as honesty, respect and courtesy. The school has been rated as ‘outstanding by OFSTED; it boasts extensive facilities, and is a designated Apple Distinguished School. [1] [2


Herschel Grammar School is a co-ed secondary school with academy status in Slough, Berkshire. A vibrant grammar, it was judged as ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED across all categories, including the provision of facilities and the quality of overall teaching. Performing consistently well, students have secured Herschel’s spot among the top 11% schools in the country. [1] [2]


St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School is a grammar school on Langley Road, Slough. It educates roughly 910 pupils in line with the motto Dieu Mon Abri (God is my shelter), grounding its provision in high pastoral standards. The most recent visit from OFSTED inspectors was highly successful, as the school received the highest (outstanding) rating across all areas of its offering. [1] [2]


Upton Court Grammar School is an academy school in Lascelles Road, Slough, Berkshire. It specialises in languages and science and aims to educate the whole person, holistically approaching students’ academic, non-academic and personal needs. Very recently, 80% of its leavers accepted a university place, 45% of which enrolled on courses at esteemed Russell Group universities. [1] [2]


Slough Grammar Schools In-Year Entry (12 Plus, 13 Plus and 14 Plus) Admissions Information


Subject to availability, grammars in Slough will test candidates for late transfer entry throughout the year preceding entry. The dates for the assessment may depend on the capacity available for exam arrangements. For more details, please consult the schools directly.


In order for your child to be considered for the assessments, you should complete the In-Year application form, which can be accessed through the schools’ individual webpages. 


As part of the admissions process, a copy from your child’s current school will be obtained. If there are more qualified applicants than available places, the schools will apply their oversubscription criteria, typically giving priority to:


  • Looked after children and previously looked after children;
  • Children in receipt of the Pupil Premium;
  • Children living nearest to the school.


Slough Grammar Schools Late Transfer (In-Year Entry) Exam Information


County: Berkshire

Admissions info: Please consult individual school pages

School type: Selective grammar schools

Exam type / Board: Cognitive abilities test (CAT4)


As part of the assessment process for late transfer entry, your child will be asked to complete the CAT4 assessment. 


Based on performance in this test, schools can judge pupils’ progress over the academic year and hence decide on their setting and streaming (according to ability). 


This assessment is an effective way for schools to understand pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and to personalise learning and adapt teaching.


Slough Grammar Schools Late Transfer (In-Year) 12+, 13+ and 14+ Exam Format


The CAT4 assessment will cover Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.


  • The Verbal Reasoning section examines problem-solving skills using words.


  • The Non-Verbal Reasoning section covers problem-solving using shapes and patterns, rather than words.


  • The Spatial Reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to identify shapes and how they change. 


  • The Quantitative Reasoning section tests their ability to solve problems using numbers.


To learn more about this assessment, please read the below article:


Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) Example Questions 


Slough Grammar Schools Late Transfer (In-Year) Practice Tests and Courses


Our CAT4 practice tests and courses are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. Read on to learn more!


CAT4 Practice Tests


Our highly rated CAT4 practice tests are available to take online immediately after purchase. Each module is marked automatically and can then be reviewed. Answers and explanations are provided for every question, as well as comparative ranking statistics on a per module basis so that you can precisely determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses. 


These practice tests are specifically designed for CAT4 Levels D, E and F, which are taken in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 for 12+, 13+ and 14+ entry, respectively.



CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 1

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 2

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 3

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 4

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 5


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CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 1

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CAT4 Video Courses


The following online video courses cover each section of the CAT4 exam. Each course consists of a series of lessons and step-by-step explanations. These will help your child recognise the underlying patterns to look out for in this assessment and thus master the required Reasoning techniques. 


The courses cover every possible question type that could potentially come up in the CAT4 test for 12+, 13+ and 14+ entry.


CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Course

CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Course

CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Course

CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Course

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The information in this post was correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the schools directly if you are unsure of anything. 


Please note that Pretest Plus is an independent publisher of practice tests and not affiliated with or endorsed by the publishers of the CAT4 or any other test publisher.

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