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Tonbridge Grammar School | Late Transfer (In-Year 12+ and 13+) Entry Information



Tonbridge Grammar School (TGS) is a grammar school for girls in Tonbridge, Kent. Typically ranked among the top-performing state schools in the country, TGS has specialist status in Maths, Computing and Languages and is also a Leading Edge school. [1]


The curriculum is broad and balanced, extending the breadth and depth of students’ abilities through lessons for English, MFL, humanities, design, mathematics, sciences, arts and PE. Subjects are interlinked with the real world and learning is characterised by an in-depth inquiry, tapping into global contexts such as Globalization & Sustainability and Scientific & Technical Innovation. [2]


Residential trips are frequently organised and have included a geography trip to Iceland, a ski-trip to Austria, a community service trip to Malawi and a cultural & linguistic trip to Japan. Within the scope of the enrichment programme, the school also offers a number of clubs, including choir, orchestra, philosophy club, equestrian club and drama. 


A recognised centre of excellence, Tonbridge Grammar provides a nurturing community where girls can develop academically, morally and culturally while benefitting from the school’s strong links with parents and alumni. Leavers access adulthood as resourceful young women who boast the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to the oscillatory nature of life. 



Tonbridge Grammar School standard entry point is 11 Plus. However, the school also accepts applications from pupils interested in In-Year (Late) Entry. To assess pupils for In-Year entry, Tonbridge Grammar School administers the CAT4 online test.


The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) covers four subject areas, each of them evaluating pupils’ Reasoning skills though standardised assessments. 


Tonbridge Grammar School In-Year Entry (12 Plus & 13 Plus) Admissions Information


These tests will be taken at Tonbridge Grammar School. If you wish your child to be considered for the assessments, you should apply using the In Year Common Application Form.


Upon taking the test, your child will be added to the waiting list and ranked in accordance with the school’s oversubscription criteria. The PAN for the relevant year group will apply and, if your daughter has not been offered a place, you have a statutory right to appeal to an independent panel.


Tonbridge Grammar School In-Year (Casual Admissions) Entry Exam Information


Address: Deakin Leas, Tonbridge TN9 2JR

County: Kent

Admissions info: [email protected] or 01732 365125 (ext 250)

School type: Grammar school for girls

Number of students: 1050 (approx.)


As part of the assessment process for late transfer entry, your child will be asked to complete the CAT4 assessment. 


Based on performance in this test, schools can judge pupils’ progress over the academic year and hence decide on their setting and streaming (according to ability). 


This assessment is an effective way for schools to understand pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and to personalise learning and adapt teaching.


Tonbridge Grammar School Late Transfer (In-Year) Exam Format


The CAT4 assessment will cover Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.


  • The Verbal Reasoning section examines problem-solving skills using words.


  • The Non-Verbal Reasoning section covers problem-solving using shapes and patterns, rather than words.


  • The Spatial Reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to identify shapes and how they change. 


  • The Quantitative Reasoning section tests their ability to solve problems using numbers.


Tonbridge Grammar School Late Transfer (In-Year) Practice Tests and Courses


Our CAT4 practice tests and courses are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. Read on to learn more!


CAT4 Practice Tests


Our highly rated CAT4 practice tests are available to take online immediately after purchase. Each module is marked automatically and can then be reviewed. Answers and explanations are provided for every question, as well as comparative ranking statistics on a per module basis so that you can precisely determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses. These practice tests are specifically designed for CAT4 Levels D and E, which are taken in Year 7 and 8 for 12+ and 13+ entry, respectively.



CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 1

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 2

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 3

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 4

CAT4 – Level D – Practice Test 5


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CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 1

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 2

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 3

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 4

CAT4 – Level E – Practice Test 5


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CAT4 – Level E – Practice Tests Bundle


CAT4 Video Courses


The following online video courses cover each section of the CAT4 exam. Each course consists of a series of lessons and step-by-step explanations. These will help your child recognise the underlying patterns to look out for in this assessment and thus master the required Reasoning techniques. The courses cover every possible question type that could potentially come up in the CAT4 test for 12+ and 13+ entry.


CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Course

CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Course

CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Course

CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Course

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