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Park School for Girls is an independent day school for girls in Ilford, Essex. Its educational programme is broad and relevant, allowing children to achieve their goals and maximise their objectives within a purposeful setting. 


The curriculum targets pupils’ all-round development, featuring a number of subject options that are applicable to further education. Girls study French, computer science, humanities and business studies, among others, expanding their positive attitudes to learning through perpetual effort.


The extras further support skill development, introducing the cohort to a number of useful activities, including coding, board games and knitting. Both form and specialist staff educate with enthusiasm, underpinning a vibrant learning community that centres on diversity and the determination to excel.


11 Plus (11+) Admissions | Park School for Girls, Ilford


To commence the admissions process, you and your daughter should attend Park School’s Open Day events. These will provide you with the opportunity to meet with staff and students, learn more about our academic curriculum and hear from the Head. Open Days can be booked through the Admissions Office.


Next, you will be asked to complete a registration form and pay a registration fee of £80, after which your daughter will be invited to take the school’s entrance examination and participate in a taster session with the year group she will be joining. 


The entrance assessment is held in November of the year preceding entry. Successful 11+ candidates will receive an offer of a place, to be accepted with a payment of a £1,000 deposit.


To parents who struggle with paying the fees, the school provides means-tested financial support in the form of Assisted Places, valued at up to 25% of fees. These awards are reviewed annually and may increase/decrease in value, subject to changes in your financial circumstances.


11 Plus (11+) Exam Information | Park School for Girls, Ilford


Address: 20-22 Park Avenue, Ilford IG1 4RS

County: Essex 

Admissions info: [email protected] or 0208 554 2466

School type: Independent day school for girls

Exam type / Board: CEM Select


As part of the assessment process for Year 7 entry, your child will be asked to complete the CEM Select assessment. 


The test contains a number of unusual question formats that your child is unlikely to have encountered before. These include drag and drop digits and sentence auto-completes.


The assessment will be divided into a series of highly time-pressured sections. Your child doesn’t necessarily need to complete all the questions in each section to do well.


11 Plus (11+) Exam Format | Park School for Girls, Ilford


The CEM Select assessment will cover the following areas:


  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning


The Verbal Reasoning section of the test assesses your child’s ability to solve problems using words, with a special focus on depth and breadth of vocabulary.


The Non-Verbal Reasoning section requires your child to solve problems using shapes and patterns with a main focus on one specific question type.


The Numerical Reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to solve problems using numbers and arithmetic.


11 Plus (11+) Practice Tests | Park School for Girls, Ilford


Our CEM Select practice tests are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. 


Each timed module is marked automatically. Your child will then be able to review every question in detail with clear step-by-step explanations.


Statistical averages, based on the scores of other students who have taken the same practice test, are provided so you can get an idea of your child’s relative performance against their peer group. 


Online Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of their CEM Select Assessment. Each practice test covers Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, replicating the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests, quickly identifying their strengths and weaknesses.


CEM Select Practice Test 1

CEM Select Practice Test 2

CEM Select Practice Test 3

CEM Select Practice Test 4

CEM Select Practice Test 5

CEM Select Practice Test 6

CEM Select Practice Test 7

CEM Select Practice Test 8

CEM Select Practice Test 9

CEM Select Practice Test 10


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Online Skill Practice

Each of our Skill Practice tests is designed to focus on one specific question type that can come up in the CEM Select exam. They are ideal for targeted practice and an efficient way to quickly improve your child’s scores in each topic.


Verbal Ability


CEM Select – Comprehension Pack 1

CEM Select – Comprehension Pack 2

CEM Select – Missing Words Pack 1

CEM Select – Missing Words Pack 2

CEM Select – Related Words

CEM Select – Anagrams

CEM Select – Shuffled Sentences

CEM Select – Letter Connections

CEM Select – Multiple Meanings

CEM Select – Selected Letters


Non-Verbal Ability


CEM Select – Pictures


Numerical Ability


CEM Select – Arithmetic

CEM Select – Data Problems


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The information in this post was correct at the time of publishing. However, please be aware of future changes. We advise you to contact the school directly if you are unsure of anything. School contact details are provided within the post.


Please note that Pretest Plus is an independent publisher of practice tests and not affiliated with or endorsed by the publishers of CEM Select or any other test publisher.

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