Abingdon School – 13+, Year 9 Entry – Online Assessment – Third Year Admissions

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Abingdon School is a prestigious and reputable independent day and boarding establishment for boys in Oxfordshire. Through the motto Misericordias domini in aeternum cantabo, its ethos expresses a commitment to continually celebrating the core values of Christianity while also welcoming children of different faiths. Abingdon boasts a long and impressive list of notable alumni, including numerous authors, businessmen, politicians, scientists and musicians. [1]


Academically, the school is characterised by a wealth of learning opportunities that enhance pupils’ all-round proficiency. Coupled with high-quality teaching, the varied curriculum helps maximise boys’ linguistic, scientific, mathematical and artistic skills, as well as their intellectual inquisitiveness. Abingdon comprehensively meets the cohort’s expectations, allowing them to flourish while remaining unpretentious.


Targeting students’ social and personal development, the breadth of co-curricular activities includes over 150 pursuits, ranging from chess, canoeing and electronics to code breaking, drama and fencing. These offerings are coupled with an extensive programme of trips, allowing pupils to enjoy fun and memorable times in exciting far-off locations, such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Madagascar. [2]


The comprehensive support and guidance extended to students stands out as a hallmark of Abingdon School’s nurturing environment. Significant emphasis is placed on fostering a love for learning and a deep appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity, ensuring pupils look forward to their daily educational and social endeavours. 


School trivia: Abingdon is committed to having open and constructive dialogues with parents, ensuring they are promptly informed about any challenges their child encounters. Furthermore, the school ensures that parents are actively engaged with different aspects of their son’s education. Parents passionate about hockey, rugby and/or football can become part of the Hockey Griffens, Touchliners and/or The Boot Room associations, respectively, while parents eager to engage with the musical aspects of Abingdon School can join the Music Society.


Abingdon School 13 Plus (13+) Third Year Admissions Process


Abingdon School hosts a variety of open events that can be attended by prospective families. Pupils can attend Taster Mornings, during which they get a taste of life on the campus, while parents can book a place for a Discover Abingdon Open Morning, during which they will hear from the Head and tour the site. Private appointments can also be scheduled. Click here to learn more. 


Registering for a place is the next step in the admissions process. The registration fee of £200 is non-refundable, and the deadline for submitting the online registration form is the start of May of Year 6.


Abingdon School will extend an invitation for a formal assessment to all registered candidates. The exam will take place in October of Year 7. A reference from your child’s current school will also be obtained, testifying to the standard of his personal and social development and overall conduct. 


On the basis of the assessment and reference, your son may be invited to attend an interview, which is a very important step in the admissions process. Please note that only candidates with a positive reference who excel academically in the 13+ exam will reach the interview stage.


Following success throughout the admissions process, your child may receive an offer of a place. To confirm it, you will be asked to pay a deposit, which is refunded when your child leaves the school.


At 13+ entry, Abingdon School offers scholarships in the following areas:


– Academic ability

– Design & technology

– Drama

– Sports

– Music

– Art


For Academic scholarships, candidates will be assessed on the basis of performance in further assessments and conduct during an interview. For Sports awards, your child should exhibit outstanding talent in two of the following sports: athletics, swimming, rowing, cricket, cross-country, football, hockey, badminton, rugby, squash, tennis.


Drama enthusiasts have to submit a CV with examples of previous performances, carry out a two-minute speech from a piece of scripted drama and much more. Music scholarship candidates will be asked to take part in an audition, amongst other things. Art scholarships are awarded on the basis of an impressive digital portfolio, a practical art assessment and an interview. DT scholarship candidates will be asked to submit a digital portfolio of their work, either as a PDF presentation or a hosted web page. They will also undergo an assessment and interview.


Abingdon School provides financial assistance for some families who meet the criteria. This is through a means-tested bursary, which can cover up to 100% of the day tuition fees. The level of assistance is dependent on individual financial circumstances. For more details about the school’s financial assistance programme, please click here


Abingdon School 13 Plus (13+) Online Test Information 


Address: Park Road, Abingdon, OX14 1DE

County: Oxfordshire

Admissions info: [email protected] or +44 (0)1235 849041

School type: Independent day and boarding school for boys

Open events: Each term

13+ exam date: October of Year 7


As part of the admissions process for 13+ entry to Abingdon School, your child will sit a computer-based exam, testing a broad range of skills. Read on to learn more about the format of the Abingdon School 13+ online assessment.


Abingdon School 13+ Online Test Format 


The Abingdon School 13+ online assessment consists of the following sections: 


⦿ Mathematics

This module will include questions that will evaluate your child’s proficiency in various mathematical domains, including problem solving and arithmetic. 


⦿ English

This module will include questions that will assess your child’s reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.


⦿ Verbal Reasoning 

This module tests vocabulary and understanding of meaning in context, as well as the ability to identify relationships between words.


⦿ Non-Verbal Reasoning

This module will include questions that will evaluate your child’s spatial and visual reasoning through multiple-choice questions.


⦿ Puzzles & Problem Solving

This module includes interactive puzzles accompanied by questions that require multiple-choice and/or typed answers.


⦿ Creative Comprehension 

This module features multiple-choice questions based on various sources, like texts, maps, diagrams, timetables and charts.

There will also be a descriptive writing paper, which will last around 25 minutes. Your son’s punctuation, grammar and spelling skills will be evaluated, as well as his imagination and creativity.

Abingdon School 13 Plus (13+) Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our Abingdon School 13+ online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s exam preparation is targeted and efficient. After completion, each module is marked automatically, providing your son with feedback and explanations for every question. Read on to learn more!


Abingdon 13+ Exam, Full Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your son with highly accurate practice ahead of his online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content, but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your son’s progress as he works through the practice tests, quickly identifying his strengths and weaknesses.


13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 1

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 2

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 3

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 4

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 5

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 6

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 7

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 8

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 9

13+ Abingdon School Practice Test 10


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Abingdon 13+ Exam, Skill Practice Tests

The following 13+ Skill Practice exercises focus on one module that will come up in the Abingdon School bespoke test, allowing you to target the specific exam sections that your child finds challenging:


13+ Abingdon School Mathematics

13+ Abingdon School Creative Comprehension Pack 1

13+ Abingdon School Creative Comprehension Pack 2

13+ Abingdon School Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 1

13+ Abingdon School Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 2


Abingdon 13+ Exam Preparation Tips

Incorporating our practice tests into your son’s exam preparation can significantly enhance his confidence ahead of the assessment. Here are our Top Three Tips for maximising the benefits of our resources:


1. Enhance preparation with our precise practice tests: Reflecting the actual exam, our resources will enable your son to refine his preparation, aligning it with the exam’s structure and content.

2. Deepen knowledge with thorough explanations: Our practice tests include detailed explanations for each question, assisting your son in comprehending the rationale behind correct answers. 

3. Identify strengths and target areas requiring improvement: Comprehensive feedback for each test section will help determine your son’s strong points and any weaker areas, and can be used to tailor his study plan effectively.


By utilising these strategies, your son will be positioned to excel in his assessment.


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