Belmont School (Mill Hill) – 11+, Year 7 Entry – Online Test

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Mill Hill School is a co-educational independent day and boarding school in Mill Hill, London. Its preparatory department, Belmont School, educates pupils aged 7-13 in line with the whole-school motto Et virtutem, et musas (which they have interpreted as Instilling values, inspiring minds) and maintains exceptional pastoral standards. [1]


At Belmont, lessons consistently offer students the chance to explore, debate and delve deeper into subject areas. As a result, children mature into ambitious and intrinsically driven learners, often exhibiting strong critical-thinking skills and intellectual vigour. 


The school takes immense pride in the cohort’s resilience, initiative and tenacity, which is evident in their academic studies and also reflected in their participation in co-curricular activities. The co-curricular programme encompasses over 90 pursuits, including climbing, gardening, fencing, drama and choir, aimed at boosting the quality of pupils’ educational experiences. [2


According to their latest ISI report, the school is a place where students ‘thrive in an atmosphere of hard work, enjoyment and effort’ and where their individual needs are consistently met. Placing paramount importance on the spiritual, moral and social development of learners, Belmont fosters a close-knit community where unique talents and abilities flourish.


Situated within a beautiful green campus, the school is also recognised for its inclusive and caring ethos. Staff’s commitment to providing a holistic education is evident in their equal emphasis on academic growth and emotional intelligence, cultivating well-rounded individuals who access further education with a distinct sense of self.


Belmont School (Mill Hill) 11 Plus (11+) Admissions Process


Open Mornings at Belmont offer prospective families the chance to explore the facilities firsthand, listen to a presentation from the Head and ask questions about the school’s philosophy. A booking can be made through this page.


For those seeking a more personalised experience, the school is open to scheduling individual family tours. These take place during school hours, allowing visitors to experience Belmont’s vibrant atmosphere. Interested parties should reach out to the school directly.


Registering for a place includes completing an online form and paying a £150 non-refundable fee. All applicants will sit a two-stage entrance exam taking place in the following months:


⦾ November – Stage 1: computer-based test 

⦾ January – Stage 2: problem-solving and creative writing exercises


Selected candidates from the November Stage 1 exam will be invited to sit the January Stage 2 exam. The January assessments will also include an interview. 


Belmont offers places on the grounds of a successful exam performance, positive conduct during the interview and a quality reference from the applicant’s current school. Offers are made in February, to be accepted with a payment of a £2,000 deposit.


Belmont School takes pride in recognising exceptional talent by offering a variety of scholarships to candidates who demonstrate outstanding ability in their chosen field. The school extends these awards in the following areas:


⦾ Academic ability

⦾ Sports

⦾ Music

⦾ Art

⦾ Design & Technology 

⦾ Drama 


For any award other than academic scholarships, parents must submit an application by the specified deadline. Academic scholarships are determined on the basis of the entrance exam scores and follow-up interviews; hence, a separate application is not required.


Belmont also provides bursaries based on financial need, covering up to 100% of the fees. These awards are granted following a comprehensive evaluation of your financial circumstances by the Bursary Committee, and they take into consideration your child’s academic achievements, conduct and potential contribution to the school. All bursaries undergo an annual review, and any award granted at Belmont may extend to Mill Hill School for eligible candidates. Click here to learn more.


Belmont School (Mill Hill) 11+ Online Test Information


Address: The Ridgeway, Mill Hill Village, London, NW7 4ED

County: Greater London

Admissions info: [email protected] or 020 8906 7290

School type: Independent co-ed day school 

Exam type / Board: Bespoke online test  

Bespoke online test (Stage 1) date: November of Year 6


As part of the Stage 1 admissions process for 11+ entry to Belmont School (Mill Hill), your child will sit a computer-based exam made up of two parts. 


⦾ In Part One, questions adapt in difficulty according to your child’s answers.

⦾ In Part Two, each child receives the same set of questions regardless of the answers they give.


Read on to learn more about the format of the Belmont School 11+ online assessment.


Belmont School (Mill Hill) 11+ Online Test Format 


The Belmont School 11+ online assessment consists of the following sections: 


Part One


⦿ Mathematics

This section will test your child’s proficiency in various mathematical domains, including arithmetic and problem solving. Questions will include diagrams and/or charts.


⦿ English

This section is designed to assess your child’s reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.


⦿ Verbal Reasoning

This section will assess your child’s vocabulary and their ability to understand context-based meanings.


⦿ Non-Verbal Reasoning

This section will evaluate your child’s spatial and visual reasoning through multiple-choice questions.


Part Two


⦿ Creative Comprehension

This module will test your child’s understanding through multiple-choice questions drawn from different sources, such as texts, maps, diagrams, timetables and charts.


Belmont School (Mill Hill) 11 Plus (11+) Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our Belmont School 11+ online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. After completion, each module is marked automatically, providing your child with feedback and explanations for every question. Read on to learn more!


Belmont Mill Hill 11+ Online Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of their online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content, but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests, quickly identifying their strengths and weaknesses.


11+ Belmont School Practice Test 1

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 2

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 3

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 4

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 5

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 6

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 7

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 8

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 9

11+ Belmont School Practice Test 10


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Belmont Mill Hill 11+ Skill Practice

Our Skill Practice exercises are designed to focus on one specific question type that will come up in the Belmont School 11+ exam. They are ideal for targeted practice and an efficient way to quickly improve your child’s scores in the relevant topic.


11+ Belmont School Mathematics

11+ Belmont School Creative Comprehension Pack 1

11+ Belmont School Creative Comprehension Pack 2


To learn about the Belmont School 11+ Stage 2 exam, click here.

Belmont Mill Hill 11+ Exam Preparation Tips

Incorporating our practice tests into your child’s exam preparation can significantly enhance their confidence ahead of the assessment. Here are our Top Three Tips for maximising the benefits of our resources:


1. Experience the precision of our sample tests: Crafted to mimic the actual exam, our highly effective practice tests will enable your child to fine-tune their preparation in line with the assessment’s structure and content.


2. Deepen knowledge through detailed analysis: Every question in our practice tests is accompanied by thorough explanations, assisting your child not merely in pinpointing the correct answers but also in grasping the logic behind them.


3. Identify strengths and weaknesses: Through detailed evaluations for each section, you will be able to identify the areas your child excels in and the topics that might require further attention. Armed with this knowledge, you can effectively tailor your child’s study and revision strategy.


By utilising these strategies, your child will be positioned to excel in their assessment.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or if you need any further assistance with your purchase.


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