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Camden School for Girls (CSG) is a comprehensive secondary school for girls based in the London Borough of Camden in north London. Specialising in Music, it is known for championing girls’ education and maximising its advancement throughout the years. [1]


CSG has been operational since 1871, offering a broad academic provision that centres on exemplary discipline and strong outcomes. In line with the motto Onwards and Upwards, the school educates thoroughly, encouraging students to be tenacious in their pursuit of all-round knowledge. 


School life is vibrant and rich in after-class activities, allowing the cohort to engage in those they can benefit from extensively. CSG’s primary goal is to maximise girls’ abilities and interests, hence its programme of extracurriculars includes everything from dance, Green Club and coding to basketball, debating and ukulele. [2]


Understanding education as a transformative process, staff at Camden School are fully invested in fostering a learning environment that’s both safe and nurturing. Pupils’ needs are urgently addressed and equally prioritised, underpinning a non-discriminatory ethos that builds up on excellence and eliminates perceived limitations in the face of achievement.  


11 Plus (11+) Banding Test Admissions Information | Camden School for Girls


CSG hosts Open Day and Evening in September, allowing parents and their daughters to visit the site and learn more about the admissions process. Tours of facilities and one-on-ones with the Head are included in the activities programme. 


A total of 120 girls are admitted in Year 7. Entry is through Banding Test and, based on their results, applicants are placed in one of four ability bands. In the case of oversubscription, priority will be given to:


  • Looked after or previously looked after children;
  • Applicants whose siblings currently attend the school;
  • Applicants with exceptional medical or social need;
  • Applicants who demonstrate exceptional musical ability;
  • Applicants who live nearest to the school.


The deadline for registration for the Banding Test is in September of the year preceding entry. Banding assessment sessions take place later the same month.


11 Plus (11+) Banding Test Information | Camden School for Girls


Address: Sandall Road, London NW5 2DB

County: Middlesex

Admissions info: [email protected] or 020 7485 3414

School type: Comprehensive secondary girls’ school

Exam type / Board: CAT4


As part of the assessment process for Year 7 (11+) entry through the Banding Test, your child will be asked to complete the CAT4 assessment. 


Based on performance in this test, schools can judge pupils’ progress over the academic year and hence decide on their setting and streaming (according to ability). 


This assessment is an effective way for schools to understand pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and to personalise learning and adapt teaching.


11 Plus (11+) Banding Test Format | Camden School for Girls 


The CAT4 assessment will cover Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.


  • The Verbal Reasoning section examines problem-solving skills using words.


  • The Non-Verbal Reasoning section covers problem-solving using shapes and patterns, rather than words.


  • The Spatial Reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to identify shapes and how they change. 


  • The Quantitative Reasoning section tests their ability to solve problems using numbers.


11 Plus (11+) Banding Test Practice Tests | Camden School for Girls


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Online Practice Tests

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CAT4 – Level C – Practice Test 1

CAT4 – Level C – Practice Test 2

CAT4 – Level C – Practice Test 3

CAT4 – Level C – Practice Test 4

CAT4 – Level C – Practice Test 5


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Online Skill Practice

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Non-Verbal Reasoning

CAT4 – Level C – Figure Matrices

CAT4 – Level C – Figure Classification


Verbal Reasoning

CAT4 – Level C – Verbal Classification

CAT4 – Level C – Verbal Analogies


Quantitative Reasoning

CAT4 – Level C – Number Analogies

CAT4 – Level C – Number Series


Spatial Reasoning

CAT4 – Level C – Figure Analysis

CAT4 – Level C – Figure Recognition


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CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Video Course

CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Video Course


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