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Ellesmere College is an independent co-educational school that is located in Shropshire. It caters for pupils aged 7-18, with boarding as an option from Year 8 onwards. Founded in 1884, the school takes justifiable pride in its history of academic excellence and its list of notable alumni, which includes John Brunt, a recipient of the Victoria Cross; Lady Edwina Grosvenor, a prison reformer; and Freya Anderson, an Olympic gold medallist.


All the staff at Ellesmere are committed to expertly delivering engaging lessons. The well-planned, high-quality lessons, designed to enable learners to develop at their own pace and to remove barriers to success, have helped earn the school the prestigious  HPL World Class School Accreditation. Only 39 schools worldwide have received this award, making it a remarkable accolade and testament to the holistic education that Ellesmere provides. 


Subjects studied at Ellesmere include English, mathematics, science, languages, art and design, information technology, music, geography and drama. Demonstrating a dedication to meeting the needs of each pupil, extra help is offered outside of lessons in many of these subjects. For example, Maths Clinics offer one-to-one assistance at break and lunchtimes to those who would benefit from the opportunity to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts. Undoubtedly, this approach contributed to the fact that the overall pass rate of the 2023 GCSE exams was 80%. 


An extensive co-curricular programme is an important part of school life at Ellesmere. Great emphasis is placed on giving pupils plenty of opportunities to foster their existing skills and develop new ones. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Combined Cadet Force, debating, public speaking and LAMDA are just a few of the available activities, helping to create confident young people, who are resilient, able to take risks and make a positive contribution to the society in which they live.


Pastoral care is taken very seriously by Ellesmere. Personal tutors forge strong relationships with their students, so they are in a position to offer guidance and support when any student is encountering difficulties. Furthermore, the school hosts many parental events, as they recognise close involvement with parents enhances students’ well-being. Commendably, concern for the welfare of each pupil is at the heart of all decisions made by the school, reflecting the school’s aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment where children can flourish.


Ellesmere College 11 Plus (11+) Admissions Process


The first step of the admissions process is to visit the school. This will enable you and your child to experience the atmosphere of Ellesmere College and learn more about its ethos, giving you the chance to decide whether it is the right place for your child. The school arranges individual tours throughout the year, during which you will be taken around the impressive facilities, meet the Head, converse with the admissions team and enjoy refreshments. In addition to this, your child can attend a Taster Day, spending a full day at the school to attend lessons and get to know pupils there.


If you decide Ellesmere is a good fit for your child, you should complete a registration form before the entrance exam that is held in late January or the beginning of February of Year 6. The registration form should be submitted with the non-refundable registration fee of £100 and a report from your child’s current school. Your child will subsequently take an online test which, along with the report from their current school, will help determine whether they are offered a place at Ellesmere College. Offers are usually made within a week of the entrance exam. Acceptance of an offer requires a £200 guarantee deposit (discounted on the first term’s invoice) and a £500 refundable deposit (refunded when your child leaves Ellesmere). Please note that the refundable deposit is £2,000 for EU pupils and £9,000 for other international students.


The school encourages you to reach out to their admissions team if you have any questions at any point in the process. Contact details are provided below.


Scholarships, Exhibitions and Bursaries


For 11+ entry, Ellesmere offers the following scholarships:


  • Academic
  • All-rounder
  • Music


Academic awards are worth up to 50% of the school fees. They are awarded based on performance in examinations across a range of subjects. Applicants may also be interviewed.

All-rounder awards are worth up to 25% of the school fees. Successful applicants are above average academically and manage to secure an Academic scholarship or a Music scholarship.

Music scholarships come with a reduction of up to 50% of the school fees, while Music exhibitions come with a reduction of up to 25%. Applicants will need to meet Ellesmere’s academic entry criteria, be recommended for the award by their current school or a music organisation and perform well in an audition.

Bursaries can be awarded to pupils who are not offered a scholarship or exhibition as well as to those who are. Bursary holders will meet the admissions criteria and come from families who are unable to pay the full fees. Please note that if you apply for a bursary, your financial circumstances will be assessed, and the amount of the award can vary over your child’s time at Ellesmere, depending upon changes to your financial situation.


Ellesmere College 11 Plus (11+) Online Test Information


Address: Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9AB

County: Shropshire

Admissions info: [email protected] or 01691 626510

School type: Independent co-ed day and boarding school 

Individual visits: Throughout the year

Online test exam date: January or February of Year 6


As part of the 11+ entry admissions process at Ellesmere College, your child’s academic ability will be evaluated using an online test that measures skills in the following areas:


  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-Verbal reasoning


Read on for more detailed information about the specific areas assessed in the Ellesmere College 11+ online test.


Ellesmere College 11 Plus (11+) Online Test Format


The online assessment for 11+ entry to Ellesmere College consists of the following sections, all using multiple-choice questions:


  • Mathematics – this part of the exam will last 30 minutes and covers topics in the National Curriculum, such as arithmetic, statistics and geometry. Your child’s mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills will also be assessed.
  • English – this part of the exam will last 30 minutes and has a reading comprehension exercise.
  • Verbal reasoning – this part of the exam will last 15 minutes and tests your child’s vocabulary and their ability to interpret written information.
  • Non-Verbal reasoning – this part of the exam lasts 15 minutes and tests spatial awareness, logical reasoning and maths.


Ellesmere College 11 Plus (11+) Practice Tests


Our Ellesmere College 11+ online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s exam preparation is targeted and efficient. Read on to learn more!

Ellesmere College 11+ Online Practice Tests


These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of Ellesmere College’s online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content, but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests. Click the links below to learn more:


11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 1

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 2

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 3

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 4

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 5

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 6

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 7

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 8

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 9

11+ Ellesmere College Practice Test 10


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Ellesmere College 11+ Online Skill Practice


The following 11+ Skill Practice exercises focus on one module that will come up in the Ellesmere College bespoke test, allowing you to target the specific exam sections that your child finds challenging:


11+ Ellesmere College Mathematics


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Ellesmere College 11+ Preparation Tips


By using our online practice tests, your child can optimise their exam readiness and gain the confidence they need to do well in the online assessment. Here are our Top Three Tips for making the most of our resources:


Tip 1: Use our mock tests to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Automated marking will enable you to see the areas in which your child excels and the areas that require further attention. You can praise your child for their strengths, which will help with their confidence, and devise a study plan that will address their weaknesses.

Tip 2: Encourage your child to learn from their mistakes. Our tests not only give the correct answers but also give detailed explanations for them. This means that your child can learn from any errors they make and take comfort from the fact that they will not repeat them in the actual exam. 

Tip 3: Get your child used to working calmly and efficiently when under time pressure. By working through our practice tests, your child will get used to the time constraints of the real exam, gaining valuable insight into the speed they need to work at. Their ability to answer questions quickly and accurately should improve as they progress through the tests.


By following these essential strategies, your child will have a better chance of excelling in the Ellesmere College 11+ exam.


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