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Established in 1512 by the visionary chantry priest James Carr, Giggleswick School is a popular independent co-educational day and boarding school, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Giggleswick, near Settle in North Yorkshire. Over the centuries, the school has cultivated a rich history of academic excellence and has seen numerous additions to its campus, which now includes a modern fitness centre, a spacious ceramics studio, a well-equipped music department and a serene wellbeing centre. [1] [2]


Giggleswick’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to facilitate the discovery of innate abilities. As such, it spans a comprehensive range of subjects, from mathematics and natural sciences to modern foreign languages and design technology, with the addition of PSHE for holistic development. The school takes great pride in its personalised learning environment, which enables teachers to thoroughly guide students through their intellectual journeys.


The school’s commitment to all-round development extends beyond the academic offerings through its unique co-curricular programme known as CASE (Creative, Active, Service and Enrichment). This programme offers an eclectic mix of activities, such as photography, printmaking, swimming, climbing, debating, coding, European Cinema Club, Mandarin and Young Enterprise. The CASE programme’s pursuits are integral in honing students’ personal and social development, placing a community spirit at the heart of all on-site endeavours. [3]


Giggleswick’s ethos is built on a constructive and holistic approach, which ensures that leavers step into further education and beyond as well-rounded individuals, ready to make informed decisions and meaningfully contribute to society. The learning community facilitates a warm and welcoming environment for around 65 international students from 16 different countries, complementing the diverse character of this successful yet unpretentious school.


School trivia: Saturdays are fully scheduled school days for all students, including day pupils, ensuring that international students are always surrounded by friends, even on weekends. Additionally, for boarders, there is an organised array of activities on Sundays, featuring various excursions that allow pupils to delve deeper into British culture.


Giggleswick School 11 Plus (11+) Admissions Process


Each term, the school hosts Open Days, offering families a chance to tour the campus and gain insights into the school’s offerings. To participate in one of these events, please fill out and submit this online form or contact the admissions office for assistance. The admissions team can also arrange a personalised visit for you and your child, during which you will tour the facilities and meets some members of staff.


To register your child with the school, you should complete and submit a registration form, along with a non-refundable fee of £165. The deadline is in mid-December of Year 6. Giggleswick School evaluates applicants based on performance in the entrance exam, conduct during an interview and the quality of reports and a reference from their current school.


Candidates for Year 7 entry are required to take the exam in January of the calendar year of entry. Additionally, they will have an interview with the Head, focusing on their interests and hobbies to assess how well they align with the school’s ethos.  


Following a successful completion of all assessments, interviews and reviews of reports and references, offers of places are extended to selected applicants. Acceptance includes a payment of a £750 deposit, which will be refunded, minus any outstanding charges, at the end of your child’s time at Giggleswick.


At 11+, scholarships are available in the areas of academic ability, all-round ability, drama, sports and music. Academic scholarships are offered based on performance in additional assessments and interviews. All-rounder scholarships are for students with strong academic prowess who also excel in sports, music or drama. 


Drama scholarship candidates are evaluated through reports, a portfolio, an audition and an assessment with the Head of Performing Arts. Music scholarships involve an audition and interview, while sports scholarships are for those demonstrating strong ability and potential in two of the school’s main sports. For more details on scholarships, please refer to this page.


Bursaries, which are means-tested, are offered to families in need of financial assistance with paying the tuition fees. These are allocated based on a detailed assessment of the family’s financial circumstances. Please note that bursaries are reviewed annually and may increase/decrease in value, subject to changes in your finances. Further information can be found on this page.


Giggleswick School 11 Plus (11+) Online Assessment Information


Address: Settle, BD24 0DE

County: North Yorkshire

Admissions info: [email protected] or +44 (0)1729 893189

School type: Independent co-ed day school 

Open events: Each term

11+ Exam date: January of Year 6


As part of the 11+ entry admissions process at Giggleswick School, your child will be evaluated through an online assessment which measures skills in the following areas:


– English

– Mathematics

– Non-Verbal Reasoning  


Read on for more detailed information about the specific areas assessed in the Giggleswick School 11+ online test.


Giggleswick School 11 Plus (11+) Online Test Format


The online assessment for 11+ entry to Giggleswick School consists of the following sections:


⦿ English – assesses reading comprehension, as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation abilities.


⦿ Mathematics – evaluates your child’s proficiency in different mathematical areas, such as arithmetic and problem solving.


⦿ Non-Verbal Reasoning – examines your child’s spatial and visual reasoning through multiple-choice questions. 


Giggleswick School 11 Plus (11+) Online Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our Giggleswick School 11+ online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s exam preparation is targeted and efficient. Read on to learn more!


Giggleswick School 11+ Online Practice Tests


These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of the Giggleswick School online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content, but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests. Click the links below to learn more:


11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 1

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 2

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 3

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 4

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 5

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 6

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 7

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 8

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 9

11+ Giggleswick School Practice Test 10


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Giggleswick School 11+ Online Skill Practice


The following 11+ Skill Practice exercises focus on one module that will come up in the Giggleswick School bespoke test, allowing you to target the specific exam sections that your child finds challenging:


11+ Giggleswick School Mathematics


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Giggleswick School 11+ Preparation Tips


By using our online practice tests, your child can optimise their exam readiness and gain the confidence they need for success in the online assessment. Here are our Top Four Tips for making the most of our resources:


1. Utilise automated scoring: After completing each module, your child’s performance will be automatically evaluated. This immediate feedback helps them understand their level of proficiency and allows them to learn from any mistakes.


2. Gain insight from detailed explanations: Each practice test includes comprehensive explanations for every question, assisting your child in understanding the reasoning behind correct answers.


3. Identify strengths and weaknesses: The scores and feedback from each module can help your child pinpoint their strong areas and those that need improvement. Based on this understanding, your child can allocate their study and revision time more effectively.


4. Embrace the flexibility of modular learning: Each module operates independently, allowing your child to focus on specific subjects or topics as needed.


By following these essential strategies, your child will have a better chance of excelling in the Giggleswick School 11+ online exam.


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