What is ‘CEM Select – Selected Letters’?

It’s a set of 8 online practice tests that will help your child prepare for the Selected Letters module in the CEM Select online assessment.


Who is it for?

These practice tests are specifically designed for students taking CEM Select. Click here to view a list of schools that use this assessment.


How will this product benefit my child?

Selected Letters is one of the modules that may appear in the CEM Select test.

In this module, your child will be shown a source word and a clue for a missing word.

They will need to drag selected letters from the source word to form the missing word.

Selected Letters is a highly unusual testing format that is unique to CEM Select.

Students who do well in this module possess a strong vocabulary.

The module is highly time pressured, meaning your child needs to learn to work both accurately and efficiently.

Selected Letters is one of the most challenging modules in the CEM Select assessment.

Luckily, a little bit of familiarisation and practice can go a long way to improving your child’s confidence and performance.

The practice tests in this product are designed to familiarise your child with how this module looks and feels.

Each practice test is set up just like the actual exam so your child can develop the key skills required to do well in the Selected Letters module.

The practice tests included in this product are designed to maximise your child’s potential in the Selected Letters module so that they:

– are familiar with the question format.

– can answer these questions accurately and efficiently.

– will face no surprises when taking the actual exam.

– can approach this section of the exam with confidence.

What’s included?

This product contains 8 practice tests, each using the same timings and format as the actual exam.

The tests can be taken in any order.

There is an option to take each test with 25% extra time. We recommend using this option if you are sure your child will qualify for it in the actual test.

Once each test is complete, it is marked automatically. Your child will then be able to review the test, seeing which questions they got correct and incorrect.

Ranking statistics are also supplied per test so you can gauge your child’s performance compared to their peer group.

Once purchased, these tests can be used immediately in your online dashboard.


Why should I trust Pretest Plus?

We are examination experts and know exactly what is required to succeed in competitive entrance tests.

Our sole focus is the creation of effective resources that help students to maximise their potential and approach their exams in a state of preparation and confidence.

Our products are successfully used by tens of thousands of students every year, in over 60 countries.

Our customers and clients include governments, school districts, schools, tuition centres, educational consultants, publishers, teachers, tutors and, most importantly, parents!

If you have any questions or queries, or would like some advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help.



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Skills Covered

Verbal Ability

    • 8 Practice Tests with Answers
    • Designed to improve Selected Letters skills
    • Replicates exam format and timings exactly
    • Option to take with 25% extra time
    • Ideal preparation for CEM Select
    • Systematic, comprehensive, interactive and effective
    • Build confidence and improve performance
    • Developed by entrance test experts
    • Available online immediately after purchase
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