This bundle contains all eight of our CAT4 Level A (Year 4) Skill Practice Products:


Non-Verbal Reasoning

CAT4 – Level A – Figure Matrices

CAT4 – Level A – Figure Classification


Verbal Reasoning

CAT4 – Level A – Verbal Classification

CAT4 – Level A – Verbal Analogies


Quantitative Reasoning

CAT4 – Level A – Number Analogies

CAT4 – Level A – Number Series


Spatial Reasoning

CAT4 – Level A – Figure Analysis

CAT4 – Level A – Figure Recognition


The bundle is 25% cheaper compared to buying each test individually.


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By working through these skill specific tests, your child will be fully prepared for their Year 4 CAT4 Level A assessment.


They will be familiar with all the possible question type variations that could come up in every module that appears in the actual exam.


Your child will therefore be able to approach their Level A CAT4 test with confidence, ready to perform at the highest possible level.




CAT4 Level A (Year 4) – Practice Tests Bundle – Save 25%


CAT4 Video Courses Bundle – Save 25%

Skills Covered

Non-verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning

    • A bundle of all eight of our Year 4 CAT4 Level A Skill Practice Tests
    • Save 25% compared to buying each product individually
    • By purchasing this bundle, you will save £98!
    • Immediate access to all practice tests in the bundle
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