British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Years 3-12 Entry: CAT4 Exam Information

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British Vietnamese International School Hanoi is a successful bilingual international school in Vietnam. A member of the Nord Anglia Education Group, BVIS Hanoi educates in line with the motto Luôn khát khao (Be ambitious) and boasts a rich range of top-notch facilities, including a swimming pool, two libraries and a climbing wall. [1]


The BVIS academic syllabus adheres to the National Curriculum of England, providing a range of disciplines that inspire a love of learning. From sciences and technology to humanities and mathematics, the school’s curriculum ensure strong examination results, allowing leavers to access higher education at esteemed universities worldwide. 


The selection of extracurriculars further supports pupils’ learning, allowing for enjoyment beyond the classroom. Aimed at maximising their resilience and spirit of healthy competition, the timetable of sporting activities ensures the well-being of every pupil, boasting everything from football and swimming to handball and table-tennis. [2]


Moulding students into responsible citizens of the modern world, BVIS Hanoi places equal emphasis on personal development alongside academic achievements, emphasising that future success is not solely determined by grades but also by the strength of one’s character. This ethos creates a harmonious learning environment, encouraging students to explore their identities and strive to become the best versions of themselves.


British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Years 3-12 Entry Admissions Information


The admissions process formally begins with an enquiry, which requires you to provide your child’s full name, date of birth and nationality, among other things. In the next stage, you will be asked to complete an application form and pay the registration fee, which is non-refundable.


Please note that all applicants for Year 3-12 entry into BVIS Hanoi will attend an interview and take entrance tests. The school sends formal letters of acceptance to all successful candidates within five days of the assessment. They are confirmed with a payment of a deposit. 


British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Years 3-12 Entry Exam Information 


Address: Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District 10000 Vietnam

Admissions info: (84-24) 6266 8800 / Ext: 888-889-886

School type: Private bilingual international school

Exam type / Board: CAT4  (and written tests)


As part of the assessment process for Years 3-12 entry, your child will be asked to complete the CAT4 assessment. 


Based on performance in this test, schools can judge pupils’ progress over the academic year and hence decide on their setting and streaming (according to ability). 


This assessment is an effective way for schools to understand pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and to personalise learning and adapt teaching.


British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Years 3-12 Entry Exam Format


The CAT4 assessment will cover Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.


  • The Verbal Reasoning section examines problem-solving skills using words.


  • The Non-Verbal Reasoning section covers problem-solving using shapes and patterns, rather than words.


  • The Spatial Reasoning section assesses your child’s ability to identify shapes and how they change. 


  • The Quantitative Reasoning section tests their ability to solve problems using numbers.


To gain further insight into the CAT4 assessment, its purpose and structure, please click here.


British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Years 3-12 Entry Practice Tests And Courses


Our CAT4 practice tests and courses are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. The following Level X-G resources are a relevant source of preparation materials for the BVIS Hanoi Years 3-12 Entry CAT4 exam:


Online Practice Tests, Skill Practice Resources & Video Courses


➢ Our highly rated CAT4 full practice tests are available to take online immediately after purchase. Each CAT4 practice test is marked automatically and can then be reviewed. Answers and explanations are provided for every question, as well as comparative ranking statistics on a per module basis.


➢ Our CAT4 skill practice tests each focus on one module that will come up in the CAT4 assessment. Therefore, if your child finds particular modules challenging, you can target them specifically, making a big improvement in a short amount of time. 


➢ Our CAT4 online video courses cover each section of the CAT4 exam. Each course consists of a series of lessons and step-by-step explanations.


BVIS Hanoi Year 2 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 3 Entry


CAT4 – Level X – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 3 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 4 Entry


CAT4 – Level Y – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 4 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 5 Entry


CAT4 – Level A – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 5 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 6 Entry


CAT4 – Level B – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 6 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 7 Entry


CAT4 – Level C – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 7 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 8 Entry


CAT4 – Level D – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 8 CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 9 Entry


CAT4 – Level E – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Years 9 & 10 CAT4 Practice Tests for Years 10 & 11 Entry


CAT4 – Level F – Resources



BVIS Hanoi Year 11 CAT4 Practice Tests for Year 12 Entry


CAT4 – Level G – Resources



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