St Albans School – 11+, Year 7 Entry – Bespoke Online Test

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St Albans School, located in St Albans, Hertfordshire, is a renowned independent boys’ school. Established in 948, it is one of the world’s oldest educational institutions. The school boasts a rich history of educating prominent individuals in a variety of fields, including the likes of diplomats, archaeologists, authors, and the globally recognised physicist, Stephen Hawking. [1]


St Albans’ curriculum helps mould pupils into responsible and confident members of the intellectually competitive school community. As such, it offers a range of subjects which allow students to pursue their ambitions, including everything from DT, Latin and science to modern languages, history and computer science. 


Underpinning the school’s profoundly holistic approach to educating, the co-curricular provision maximises pupils’ non-academic development, regardless of their level of ability. The programme encompasses a diverse selection of activities, from athletics and climbing to intellectual pursuits such as Economics Society and Coding Club, allowing students to discover their unique strengths and talents. 


The comprehensive pastoral care system at St Albans School is facilitated by a proactive partnership with parents. It is tailored to adapt to students’ evolving needs through a personalised approach, emphasising empathetic understanding within an inclusive community where every student feels valued.


A friendly yet competitive ethos is central to the school’s culture of excellence, instilling in children the highest standards of behaviour and learning. Tolerance and consideration for the needs of others help nurture the vibrant quality of school life, ensuring that pupils’ progression into further stages of their education is as seamless as it is meaningful. [2]


St Albans School 11 Plus (11+) Admissions Process


The school holds Open Mornings in spring and autumn, welcoming visiting families to the site for a day packed with fun yet useful activities. Daytime tours are also available, allowing you and your child to explore facilities and chat with members of the teaching and pastoral staff. 


The initial step in the admissions procedure includes registration, which must be completed through an online portal available on the school’s website. This process includes a payment of a £150 (non-refundable) registration fee.


For 11+ entry to St Albans School, your child will be asked to attend Assessment Day, during which they will sit a bespoke online test. This takes place in January of the calendar year of entry. On exam day, your child will also attend an interview with a senior staff member. Successful candidates will receive an offer of a place in February.


Academic Scholarships are available to top-performing candidates in the 11+ exam. Every boy registered for 11+ entry will automatically be considered for these awards, therefore a separate application is not necessary.


Music Scholarships are granted based on audition performance. However, recipients of these awards must first satisfy the academic requirements of the 11+ entrance examination. 


Bursaries are available and can be valued at up to 100% of tuition fees. The school may also provide additional financial support for certain activities, such as educational trips. Please note that your son must meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the school in order to be considered for a bursary. To learn more about scholarships and bursaries at St Albans School, please visit this page.


St Albans School 11 Plus (11+) Online Test Information


Address: Abbey Gateway, St Albans, AL3 4HB

County: Hertfordshire

Admissions info: [email protected] or 01727 515182

School type: Independent day school for boys

Open days: Spring and autumn

Exam type / Board: Bespoke online test


As part of the 11+ admissions procedure at St Albans School, your child will take an online exam divided into two sections.


The first section is adaptive, where the complexity of the questions adjusts according to the student’s answers. Following this is a non-adaptive section, comprising questions of a consistent difficulty level.


Read on to learn more about the format and layout of the St Albans School 11+ assessment.


St Albans School 11+ Online Exam Format 


The format of the St Albans School 11+ online assessment is as follows: 


➢ Mathematics (20 minutes) 


This section of the exam assesses pupils’ aptitude in various mathematical aspects, including arithmetic and problem-solving skills. It includes questions that may incorporate diagrams or charts.


➢ Non-Verbal Reasoning (10 minutes)


This part of the exam measures a student’s capacity to reason using spatial awareness, shapes, diagrams and images. It includes multiple-choice questions based on 2D Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning.


➢ English & Verbal Reasoning (25 minutes)


The English sections contain multiple-choice questions designed to evaluate students’ reading comprehension, as well as grammar and punctuation abilities. A Verbal Reasoning section follows, testing students’ vocabulary and their capacity to interpret context-based meanings.


➢ Puzzles & Problem Solving (15 minutes)


This module features interactive puzzles and diagrams. Each item is accompanied by a question that students must respond to by typing their answers in a provided text box, or by ticking the provided box. 


➢ Creative Comprehension (20 minutes)


This section includes responding to multiple-choice questions derived from a variety of sources, which can include text, maps, diagrams, timetables and charts.


St Albans School 11 Plus (11+) Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our St Albans School 11+ online practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your son’s preparation is targeted and efficient. After completion, each module is marked automatically, providing your son with feedback and explanations for every question. This allows him to identify his strengths and weaknesses and further improve his understanding of the material. Furthermore, each module can be completed independently, providing flexibility in the learning process.

St Albans School 11+ Online Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your son with highly accurate practice ahead of his bespoke online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your son’s progress as he works through the practice tests, quickly identifying his strengths and weaknesses.


11+ St Albans School Practice Test 1

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 2

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 3

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 4

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 5

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 6

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 7

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 8

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 9

11+ St Albans School Practice Test 10


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St Albans School 11+ Skill Practice

Our Skill Practice exercises are designed to focus on one specific question type that will come up in the St Albans School 11+ exam. They are ideal for targeted practice and an efficient way to quickly improve your child’s scores in the relevant topic.


11+ St Albans School Mathematics

11+ St Albans School Creative Comprehension Pack 1

11+ St Albans School Creative Comprehension Pack 2

11+ St Albans School Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 1

11+ St Albans School Puzzles & Problem Solving Pack 2


St Albans School 11+ Entry Preparation Tips

Incorporating our practice tests into your son’s study routine can significantly boost his preparedness and confidence for the upcoming assessment. Here are our Top 3 Tips for getting the most out of our resources:


1) Harness the precision of our practice tests: Our resources are designed to mirror the actual exam, enabling your son’s study efforts to align seamlessly with the exam structure and to concentrate on the most critical areas.


2) Deepen understanding with detailed explanations: Each question in our practice tests is accompanied by a thorough explanation. This feature enables your son to grasp the logic behind each correct response, thereby facilitating a more profound understanding of the relevant subject.


3) Diagnose strengths and areas for improvement: Analysing the feedback and scores from each practice module allows you to identify your son’s strong points and areas needing improvement. With this insight, you can tailor his study plan to address these areas effectively.


By implementing these strategies, your son will be well-equipped to realise his full potential.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or if you need any further assistance with your purchase.



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