Trinity School, Croydon, 10 Plus (10+) Exam Information – Key Details

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Croydon-based Trinity School was established in 1882 as part of the Whitgift Foundation. Educating bright boys aged 10-18 in line with the motto Vincit qui patitur (Who perseveres, conquers), the school offers a complete educational experience, underpinned by a broad programme of after-class activities, with particular emphasis on sports and music. [1]


Trinity cultivates a nurturing and welcoming environment, ensuring that students reap the full benefits of the superb education on offer. The broad curriculum fosters intellectual development, enhancing boys’ prowess in mathematics, technology, science, languages and other academic disciplines.


Trinity’s latest ISI report confirms its esteemed reputation. Characterising the school as ‘excellent’ across all inspected areas, the findings praise pupils’ determination to thrive both academically and personally, complimenting their understanding of ‘how to keep safe and healthy’ and their tendency to fully enjoy extra-curricular opportunities. [2]


Namely, Trinity offers a selection of over 100 clubs and societies, allowing boys to extensively explore their unique strengths and forge lasting friendships. Thanks to the relevant academic and non-academic provision, they go on to achieve remarkable results, with a firm commitment to excellence, as highlighted by their recent GCSE results, where 89% of all grades were awarded in the 9-7 range.


At Trinity, the campus is alive with creativity, innovation and a thirst for discovery. From its state-of-the-art facilities to its emphasis on real-world applications of knowledge, Trinity nurtures not just the mind but also the character, moulding pupils into global citizens who are ready to make a difference.


Trinity School, Croydon, 10 Plus (10+) Admissions Process


The Whole School Open Day is scheduled for September, allowing families to experience Trinity’s atmosphere through an engaging event that features tours of the facilities and an introductory address from the Head. Additional events are organised during the Autumn term, providing opportunities for you and your child to become familiar with the school’s ethos. To book a spot, click here


The admissions journey begins with the submission of an application form by the deadline in October of the year preceding entry. Entrance examinations are administered in December, followed by interviews in January (for selected candidates). Successful applicants receive their offers in February.


Trinity extends a range of awards to students, comprising scholarships and means-tested bursaries. Here’s what’s available:


⦾ Scholarships in academia, music, drama, sports, design technology and art, with awards valued up to 50% of the fees. 


While all entrants are automatically considered for Academic scholarships, specific applications are needed for the other categories.


10+ Music scholarship applicants should showcase a proficiency between Grade III and Grade IV on their primary instrument. Drama scholarship assessments include a 1-minute monologue from a chosen play or poem. Aspiring athletes seeking a Sports scholarship will be invited for an assessment after the entrance examination. Art and DT enthusiasts will be invited to attend an assessment morning, involving an informal interview with a relevant member of staff, practical tasks and consideration of a portfolio provided by the applicant.


⦾ Bursaries sponsored by the John Whitgift Foundation

⦾ Additional bursaries sourced directly from the school’s funds


For families seeking financial support with paying the tuition fees, the school provides bursary assistance based on a comprehensive review of the household’s financial situation. Applicants should submit the relevant forms before the entrance examination. Further information about bursaries can be found here.


Trinity School, Croydon, 10 Plus (10+) Online Test Information


Address: Shirley Park, Croydon CR9 7AT

County: Surrey

Admissions info: [email protected] or 020 8656 9541

School type: Independent day school for boys

Exam type / Board: Bespoke online test (and papers)


As part of the 10+ admissions process for entry to Trinity School, your child will undergo a bespoke online assessment, divided into two parts:


Part 1: Spanning 60 minutes, this section comprises questions that adapt in difficulty according to your child’s answers.

Part 2: This 35-minute section contains questions that every candidate will face regardless of the answers they give.


Read on to learn more about the skills assessed in the Trinity School 10+ online test.


Trinity School, Croydon, 11+ Online Test Format


Part 1


⦾ Mathematics (20 minutes): This section delves into areas like arithmetic and problem -solving, comprising questions accompanied by diagrams and/or charts.

⦾ English (20 minutes): Presented through multiple-choice questions, this section measures skills in reading comprehension, as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation.

⦾ Verbal Reasoning (10 minutes): This section focuses on vocabulary comprehension and understanding of contextual meaning.

⦾ Non-Verbal Reasoning (10 minutes): Centred on reasoning with shapes, space, diagrams and images, this module includes multiple-choice questions that tackle 2D Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning.


Part 2


⦾ Creative Comprehension (20 minutes): In this section, your child will tackle multiple-choice questions drawn from different sources, such as texts, maps, diagrams, timetables and charts.

⦾ Puzzles & Problem Solving (15 minutes): This section features interactive puzzles and visual diagrams. Alongside each puzzle is a question that your child will need to answer by entering their response in the provided box.


Trinity School, Croydon, 10 Plus (10+) Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our Trinity practice tests are very accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. Read on to learn more!


Trinity School 10+ Online Practice Tests

These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of the bespoke online assessment. Each practice test replicates the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content, but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests.


Click the links below to learn more:


10+ Trinity School Practice Test 1

10+ Trinity School Practice Test 2

10+ Trinity School Practice Test 3

10+ Trinity School Practice Test 4

10+ Trinity School Practice Test 5


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To learn about the Trinity 10+ paper-based exam, click here


Trinity School 10+ Preparation Tips

By adhering to the following Top Three Tips, your son can optimise his use of our practice tests, boosting his exam performance and increasing his confidence when tackling the assessment.


1. Enhance exam readiness with our precise practice tests: Designed to mirror the actual exam, our resources provide your child with a deep understanding of the test’s structure and content. This familiarisation ensures he is well-prepared and confident when facing the 10+ assessment.


2. Benefit from comprehensive answer breakdowns: Every question in our tests is accompanied by an in-depth explanation, revealing the reasons behind correct answers. This clarity helps reinforce your son’s grasp of the examination syllabus, honing his subject-specific and cognitive abilities.


3. Gauge and refine areas of proficiency: With our practice tests, your son can pinpoint where he excels and where he might need further practice. Recognising these areas will not only boost his confidence but also assist in optimising his study approach, ensuring he focuses on topics that need extra attention.



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