11+ Highsted Test, Year 7 Entry – CEM Select

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The Highsted Test is an optional test that pupils applying to the following school can take as part of the 11+ admissions process:


Highsted Grammar School


The test is computer-based, assessing Verbal Ability, Non-Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability. There will also be an English paper, evaluating comprehension and writing skills.


The Highsted Test offers an alternative to the 11+ Kent PESE Test, granting pupils who take this assessment an equal opportunity for a place in Year 7, just like those who pass the Kent PESE exam. 


Taking an online test offers several benefits compared to traditional paper-based tests:


– Enhanced Security: Online exams can incorporate advanced security measures to ensure the integrity of the assessment process. Features such as remote proctoring, secure browser environments and digital identification methods help maintain the credibility and fairness of the exam.

– Interactive Features: Online exams can incorporate interactive elements such as multimedia, simulations and interactive question formats. These features can make the exam experience more engaging, immersive and conducive to demonstrating practical skills or knowledge.

– Environmental Sustainability: Online exams eliminate the need for paper-based materials, reducing the consumption of resources and contributing to environmental sustainability.


Overall, choosing to take the predominantly online Highsted Test instead of the 11+ Kent PESE paper-based exam may well be the right decision for your child. Read on to learn more about the format and structure of the Highsted Test!


Highsted Test 11 Plus (11+) Examination Format


As part of the assessment process for Year 7 entry, Highsted Grammar School administers the Highsted Test, which consists of a CEM Select assessment and an English paper. It’s important to note the following aspects of the CEM Select:


a) Unusual Question Formats: The CEM Select test includes unique question formats that may be unfamiliar to students. These formats challenge students to think creatively and adapt their problem-solving strategies. Examples of such formats include drag and drop digits and sentence auto-completes.


b) Time-Pressured Sections: The assessment is divided into sections that require students to work under strict time constraints. It is important to emphasise to your child that they don’t need to answer every question in each section to achieve a successful outcome. Time management and prioritisation skills play a crucial role in optimising performance.


The CEM Select test evaluates skills and abilities in the following areas:


➢ Verbal Ability: This section focuses on assessing your child’s ability to solve problems using words, with an emphasis on the depth and breadth of vocabulary. It tests their comprehension, reasoning and critical thinking skills within a verbal context.


➢ Non-Verbal Ability: This section challenges students to solve problems using shapes and patterns. It primarily focuses on a specific question type within this domain, testing their spatial awareness, visual reasoning and logical deduction abilities.


➢ Numerical Ability (Maths): This section evaluates your child’s ability to solve problems using numbers and arithmetic. It assesses their numerical fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills within a numerical context.


To gain further insight into the CEM Select assessment, its purpose and structure, please click here.


Highsted Test 11 Plus (11+) Practice Tests & Preparation Tips


Our practice tests and papers are highly accurate, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and efficient. Many thousands of students have used them to help prepare successfully for demanding assessments such as the Highsted Test. Read on to learn more!

Highsted Test 11+ Online Practice Tests


These full mock tests are designed to provide your child with highly accurate practice ahead of the Highsted Test. Each practice test covers Verbal, Non-Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, replicating the modules, timings and question types used in the actual exam.


Each test contains unique content but they are all pitched at the same difficulty level as the actual assessment. This means you can easily benchmark your child’s progress as they work through the practice tests.


CEM Select Practice Test 1

CEM Select Practice Test 2

CEM Select Practice Test 3

CEM Select Practice Test 4

CEM Select Practice Test 5

CEM Select Practice Test 6

CEM Select Practice Test 7

CEM Select Practice Test 8

CEM Select Practice Test 9

CEM Select Practice Test 10


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Highsted Test 11+ Online Skill Practice


Each of our Skill Practice tests is designed to focus on one specific question type that can come up in the CEM Select exam. They are ideal for targeted practice and an efficient way to quickly improve your child’s scores in each topic.


Verbal Ability


CEM Select – Comprehension Pack 1

CEM Select – Comprehension Pack 2

CEM Select – Missing Words Pack 1

CEM Select – Missing Words Pack 2

CEM Select – Related Words

CEM Select – Anagrams

CEM Select – Shuffled Sentences

CEM Select – Letter Connections

CEM Select – Multiple Meanings

CEM Select – Selected Letters


Non-Verbal Ability


CEM Select – Pictures


Numerical Ability


CEM Select – Arithmetic

CEM Select – Data Problems


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Note: While Highsted Grammar School is a grammar school, they actually use independent school (standard format) papers for their English exam, which is why questions in this style are included in the recommendations below.

Highsted Test 11+ English Practice Papers


As part of the Highsted Test, your child will be asked to sit a paper-based English exam. The following packs have been specifically designed to support your child in effectively preparing for this paper, accurately replicating the comprehension and writing sections:




11+ English Pack 1

11+ English Pack 2

11+ English Pack 3

11+ English Pack 4

11+ English Pack 5

11+ Inference Skills Pack 1

11+ Inference Skills Pack 2

11+ Poetry Comprehension

11+ Complete Comprehension Guide

11+ Reading Workbook




11+ Complete Writing Guide

11+ Writing Prompts

11+ Rewrite & Improve

11+ Spelling Pack 1

11+ Spelling Pack 2


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Highsted Test 11+ Preparation Tips


Our practice tests and papers will help your child enhance their exam readiness and build confidence for success. To maximise the effectiveness of our resources, we have compiled our Top 3 Tips to guide you in using them efficiently:


1. Leverage the accuracy of our practice tests: Our resources are meticulously designed to closely resemble the actual exam, ensuring that your child’s preparation is targeted and aligned with the format of the assessment.

2. Learn from detailed explanations: Our practice tests offer detailed explanations for every question, allowing your child to understand the reasoning behind the correct answers. This enhances their understanding of the material and helps them identify areas that require further study.

3. Identify strengths and weaknesses: The feedback and results from each module will help your child identify their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge enables them to prioritise areas for improvement and allocate their study time effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 11 Plus (11+) Highsted Test 


What is the 11+ Highsted Test?


The 11+ Highsted Test is an optional test that pupils applying for entry to Highsted Grammar School can take instead of the paper-based Kent 11+ PESE exam. It consists of an online test called CEM Select and an English paper.


How can I apply for the 11+ Highsted Test?


Applications for the 11+ Highsted Test are made through the Highsted Grammar School website.


When is the registration deadline to sit the 11+ Highsted Test?


All pupils who wish to sit the Highstead Test should be registered by the deadline in July in the year preceding entry. 


When does the 11+ Highsted Test take place?


The 11+ Highsted Test is held in September of the year preceding entry, while your child is in Year 6.


What is the pass mark for the 11+ Highsted Test?


The pass mark for the tests will be determined based on the performance range of local children. It is expected that this threshold will align with or slightly exceed the achievement level of approximately 25% of children in the same age group nationwide.


How can my daughter prepare for the 11+ Highstead Test?


We highly recommend incorporating our resources into your daughter’s exam preparation routine as they serve as valuable diagnostic tools. They will help identify the specific areas where your daughter needs to focus her efforts. By using our resources, she can effectively target her study and concentrate on improving her performance in those areas. Our materials are designed to be engaging and age-appropriate, making learning enjoyable and motivating. With regular practice using our resources, your daughter will be well-prepared and equipped to tackle the challenges of the exam with confidence.


What are the best practice tests for the 11+ Highsted Test?


Renowned for publishing the most precise and reliable practice tests specifically designed for the 11+ Highsted Test, we are committed to providing students with the highest quality resources to support their exam preparation. Our comprehensive range of practice materials covers all the key areas and question types found in the Highsted Test, ensuring that students are well-equipped and confident on exam day. With our proven track record of helping students achieve success, we strive to empower students to reach their full potential and excel in their 11+ journey.



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