Dulwich College uses an online test as part of its 11+ entry process for Year 7 entry.

This practice test is specifically designed to familiarise your child with the format, style and content of this year’s online test.

The types of questions, level of difficulty, instructions, and layouts are all created to align with those of the real exam.

Upon completion of this practice test, your child will feel more confident and prepared for the actual assessment.

The practice test is divided into two parts, consisting of five modules in total:


Part 1

– Maths (20 minutes)

– Non-Verbal Reasoning (10 minutes)

– English & Verbal Reasoning (30 minutes)


Part 2

– Puzzles & Problem Solving (15 minutes)

– Creative Comprehension (25 minutes)


Each module can be completed separately. The modules are marked automatically and can then be reviewed with feedback and explanations provided for every question.

Comparative statistics are also provided so you can benchmark your child’s performance against their peer group.

This practice test will also serve as a diagnostic tool, aiding you in rapidly identifying your child’s areas of strength and weakness, enabling you to prepare effectively.

You will have the option to take this practice test with 25% extra time. However, we advise only selecting this option if you are confident that your child will qualify for extra time during the actual test.


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Skills Covered


Non-verbal Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning

Problem Solving

Creative Comprehension

    • Designed for this year’s Dulwich College 11+ online admissions test
    • The most accurate practice test available for this year’s exam format
    • Covering Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English, Verbal Reasoning, Puzzles & Problem Solving, and Creative Comprehension
    • Replicates examination format, style and question types
    • Solutions with explanations provided for every question
    • Comparative ranking statistics provided upon completion
    • Option to take with 25% extra time
    • Build confidence and improve performance
    • Available online immediately after purchase
    • Ideal preparation for the Dulwich College 11+ Online Test
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